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Billionaire Tries To Board Plane with $1 Million Cash

Most airline passengers hate being told to check their carry-on luggage for various reasons, mostly because people would rather have valuables such as laptops and iPads with them on the plane instead of being tossed around by baggage handlers below.

South African billionaire Christo Wiese had a much bigger problem, as he now faces a legal fight to regain $1 million confiscated by customs officials in London because of his method of transporting the cash.

According to Forbes, Wiese, South Africa’s third-richest person, was traveling from England to Luxembourg in 2009 with the cash bundled up in rubber bands in his luggage. The billionaire tried to board the aircraft with one of his suitcases stuffed with the cash he says was the result of diamond deals in South Africa in the late 80’s and 90’s.

The UK justice system seized the money under suspicion that it was the booty from  a crime, given the secretive mode of transportation.

Wiese’s lawyer scoffed at any notion of foul play, saying, “The amount of money was consistent with Dr. Wiese’s stated wealth, representing less than two weeks’ income and a minute fraction of his assets.”

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