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Sprinter Allyson Felix Awaits Decision While LoLo Jones Makes Olympic Team

Track & Field stars, sprinter Allyson Felix and hurdler LoLo Jones began their Olympic trials in contrasting fashion. Allyson who took a chance to qualify at the 100-meter dash to help her chances at gold with the 200 has found herself at the mercy of a coin toss or run-off.

Sprinters Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh came flying across the finish line at the exact same time down to the thousandths of a second, finishing with a time of 11.068 seconds at the 100-meter qualifying heat.

According to CNN, there was no precedent for an occurrence like this, forcing the U.S. Olympic Committee to announce new rules Sunday.

According to Felix’s coach a decision will be made after she rans the 200. Hurdler LoLo Jones on the other hand came into the trials with many doubts but had a different outcome. She joked, “I had my sports psychologist on speed dial one, my pastor on speed dial two and my mom on speed dial three,” Jones said of the pressure this weekend. “It was crazy.”

In the end she only needed to make those calls to hear congratulations. LoLo finished third in the women’s 100-meter hurdles final with a time of 12.86 seconds.

So LoLo Jones is on her way to the London Olympics while Allyson awaits her fate on the 100 – though she’s a sure in for the 200 and 400. Good luck to the ladies!

Watch Allyson’s race below:

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