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Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone Talks About Spiderman & Mary Jane (Video)

The release of The Amazing Spiderman is just over a week away and Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone was at a press junket dishing about their characters in the reboot comic book movie.

British actor, Garfield is the latest to suit up as the beloved web slinger, while  Stone plays his love interest Mary Jane.

One of the most important things about making this movie is the casting. That’s why director Marc Webb went through a grueling  search for the two leads before ultimately selecting Garfield  and Stone.

Garfield, who starred in the Oscar nominated biop The Social Network brings something totally different than his predecessor Tobey Maguire, but he still has the qualities one would expect from a fan favorite superhero.

Emma Stone catapulted into the lime light with films such as SuperBad, Zombieland and Crazy, Stupid Love, so choosing her to capture the role of Mary Jane was a no-brainer.

Together on screen the duo possessed a natural chemistry that glued the movie together.

At a junket in New York City SuperHeroHype and got a chance to speak with both actors in the videos below and on the next page.

Emma Stone is up next. Flip the page to see her video.

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