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Meek Mill Hits the Stage After Drake-Chris Brown Drama

After his involvement in the highly publicized club brawl between Drake and Chris Brown, Maybach Music Group’s newest addition Meek Mill has put the drama aside to focus on a list of tour dates that he hopes will elevate his career. Meek Mill will headline his very own Dream Chasers tour, hitting big cities between August 2nd and August 27th. The month long tour starts at The Filmore in Denver, Colorado, and ends at the Best Buy Theatre in New York City, just one day before the release of his debut album Dreams & Nightmares.
With the tour coming to a close in New York, Mill may be forced to face his most recent controversy dead-on. But perhaps the entertainer’s excessive touring will be a good distraction from the drama.
The Philadelphia native raps about his personal encounters with guns and violence, creating a bad boy image for him and his entourage. But now that he’s signed to one of the most profitable labels in the game, the 25-year-old hitmaker may have to leave his rambunctious past behind.
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