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Americans Will Hit the Road for the Fourth of July

Americans will be on the move this Independence Day.

The folks at AAA predict that 42.3 million Americans, almost 5% more of us than last year, will be traveling at least 50 miles or more during the Fourth of July in a holiday period that stretches from July 3 to 8.

But with a midweek holiday, on what days exactly are people going somewhere?

More than half of those who said they intended to travel said they would start their vacations before the beginning of the work week that includes the Fourth of July, according to AAA’s report.

–25% said they would travel on the Friday before (June 29)
–16% on Saturday (June 30)
–13% on Sunday (July 1)
–11% on Monday (July 2)
–19% on Tuesday (July 3)
–16% on Wednesday

Also, 35.5 million of us will take to the roads, the largest number in a decade, and 3.2 million will fly, which represents a 9% increase from last year. The national auto association and travel company’s projections are based on forecasts and research done by IHS Global Insight.

But wait; there’s more. The Cambria Suites hotel chain engaged a market research company to ask the most pressing vacation question of all: How many times will your kids ask “Are we there yet?”

On average, nine times during a week-long family vacation, and 13 times if the child is 6 years old or younger, according to the company’s survey. Let’s hope your kids aren’t above average in this regard.

Source: Mary Forgione, LA Times

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