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Oprah Winfrey's Weight Loss Plan Revealed

Oprah Winfrey has dropped 25 pounds on her new diet!! After launching her OWN network and a subsequent battle against low ratings Oprah packed on some pounds. This year however the media mogul is turning around a new leaf and hired a new chef. According to Radar Online Oprah’s weight loss secret lies with her new chef!

“Oprah has absolutely flipped for the new chef,” revealed a source.

Oprah’s new regimen includes preparing three portion-controlled meals a day plus workouts on the treadmill with her trainer. For her meals the 58-year former talk show host uses a “combination of fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken and lean meat. It’s low in fat and calories but still leaves her feeling full.”

Oprah has been looking slimmer these days. Keep it up O!

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