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Jada Pinkett Smith Travels To Washington To Fight for Worthy Cause

Jada Pinkett Smith was moved to action by her 11-year old daughter Willow Smith after she watched the viral hit KONY 2012. Jada, 40, recalled her daughter starting the conversation:

“She did her own research and realized that there were young girls her age in this country being trafficked for sex. She was like, ‘Mommy — you don’t know what’s happening!’ I was like, ‘Hold up, pause right there!’ And, she was like, ‘I’ve got to give my voice to this. These young girls out there need me.’ ”

It didn’t take long for Jada to use her influence and join Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to fight against human trafficking.

“I was actually really quite ashamed that I didn’t know about this particular situation in our country, because when you think about human trafficking, you think about it ‘over there.’ Wherever ‘there’ is,” Pinkett Smith says.

On Tuesday Jada was joined by her husband and Hillary Clinton at the State Department’s diplomatic rooms where the state report on slavery, prostitution and forced labor around the world was being released.

According to the Washington Post, Jada’s contribution was a Spanish video call “Nada Se Compara” directed by Salma Hayek which is also posted on and features scenes of a boyfriend selling his girlfriend into slavery.

Source: Popular Critic

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