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Shaunie O’Neal Denies Responsibility for ‘Basketball Wives’ Firings

Shaunie O’Neal continues to try to further the notion that she has no control over the train wreck that is Basketball Wives, now telling TMZ through “sources” that she had nothing to do with the recent firing of three ladies from the show, Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed and Kesha Nichols.

Many show observers have speculated that the three of them were released because they were the least violent and confrontational cast members on the controversial show—which has gotten so outrageous and despicable in the conduct of cast members like Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada that it has prompted nationwide calls for a boycott. But according to TMZ, “sources close to Shaunie” (in gossip speak, this often means it is Shaunie herself who is doing the talking to TMZ) said she found out the news of the firings at the same time as everyone else, even though she is an executive producer.

TMZ is reporting that Shaunie is left in the dark about everything by the production company, Shed Media, after she challenged them about the violent direction of the show.

“According to our sources, Shaunie is upset over the current situation and wants Shed Media to know … she is willing to walk away from the series if it becomes something she no longer believes in,” TMZ wrote.

Sounds suspiciously like Shaunie is trying to use TMZ to send a message to the production company. For whatever reason, apparently she is unable to deliver this message herself. But hopefully one day Shaunie, Shaq’s ex-wife, will actually stand up and take responsibility for her part in creating a show that seems to traffic in every horrendous and unfortunate stereotype that has ever been thought about black women.


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