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Melanie Fiona x J.Cole “This Time” New Video

Melanie Fiona calls in J. Cole to join her for the music video for her current single that he also contributes a few bars to, “This Time.” Mel is the focal point for the majority of these visuals as a dime piece timepiece whether she is lounging in an hourglass as sand falls on her, has a digital clock counting down on her back or poses like the hands on a clock. I like how the time theme was kept throughout the video in lieu of a storyline, and Melanie looks effortlessly beautiful. Once Cole steps on the scene he adds to the eye candy quotient while rapping away. Although I think I liked him better on his guest appearance on Elle Varner’s “Only Wanna Give It To You,” J. Cole doesn’t detract from the song here even though he doesn’t necessarily add anything either. Overall “This Time” is definitely something I’d watch again and won’t turn the channel when it comes on TV.

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