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'Bunheads' Creater Amy Sherman-Palladino Responds To Shonda Rhimes' Lack Of Diversity Criticism

Showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino has responded to the criticism she and ABC received last week from Grey’s Anatomy creator, Shonda Rhimes.

In the controversial tweet that sparked a plethora of polarized views, Rhimes expressed her discontent with the the ABC family show having no person of color as part of the cast.

“Hey @abcfbunheads: really? You couldn’t cast even ONE young dancer of color so I could feel good about my kid watching this show? NOT ONE?”

While not responding directly to why the cast didn’t have a person of color, the former Gilmore Girls creator implied in an interview with Media Mayhem that Rhimes’ criticism was another case of  crabs in a barrel.

“Look, I’m not going to get into a pissing match with Shonda Rhimes because she has 15,000 shows on the air, and she’s doing just fine for herself. [But] I’ve always felt that women, in a general sense, have never supported other women the way they should…I think it’s a shame, but to me, it is what it is.”

Sherman-Palladino, who says she has never met Rhimes before, went on to blame any casting problems on a lack of time and casting limitations.

“It is so hard to get a show on the air, [because of] what you have to do and the layers of bullsh*t and fighting and scraping — and particularly this show because our budget was very small and our demands were so high.”

Do you think Amy Sherman-Palladino had a sufficient response to Shonda Rhimes? Watch more of the interview below to see where you fall in the debate.

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