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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Movie Deal In Talks

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell could be on the big screen sooner than expected.

The highly popular Ubisoft video games are currently being shopped around to studios to see which one will be turn into a hit movie. According to sources, the game company has engaged in talks with Warner Bros and is Paramount Pictures to see if they could get the deal done. The studios would not comment on the business but stressed that the deal is yet to be completed.

First released in 2002, Splinter Cell followed the adventures of Sam Fisher, a covert operative assigned to a top-secret National Security Agency called Third Echelon. The game had several sequels including, Tom Clancy’s Spint Cell: Conviction and Blacklist.

Ubisoft may want to keep their hands on this project and keep control over the games conversion to film. Video games turned films never fair to well in the box offices, just think back to films such as Mortal Combat, and Street Fighters.

The deal is still up in the air between the studios and the video game makers, more updates on this developing story coming soon…

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