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Lindsay Lohan's Nervous About Doing Nude Scene In Upcoming Movie

Lindsay Lohan is worried about a new role that she received in an upcoming movie. The 25-year-old actress has landed a part that will show case her in a number of nude scenes.

Bret Easton Ellis took to twitter earlier this week and mentioned that Lohan will star in his upcoming film The Canyons, alongside a porn star named James Deen. According to sources, Lohan has already verbally agreed to star in the film but she is now getting cold feet due to the nudity.

“Lindsay and her team are concerned about the nudity that is involved,” a source tells RadarOnline. “Lindsay would be required to do full frontal nudity, and the sex scenes are very, very graphic.”

It was just last year when the Mean Girls actress posed naked for Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine. Nevertheless, Lohan’s reps explains that there is a difference between a movie and a photo shoot.

“Yes, Lindsay has posed nude for Playboy, but doing it in a movie is completely different,” the source says. “Lindsay needs to make sure that she is comfortable with it, and that this is something she can handle as an artist. It’s expected that Lindsay will sign the contract in the next two weeks, as filming begins at the beginning of July. Lindsay has admired Bret’s work for a very long time, and one of her favorite movies is Less Than Zero.”

The Canyons will be directed by Paul Schrader(American Gigolo).

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