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Shaunie O’Neal Fires Three Cast Members From ‘Basketball Wives’

Basketball Wives (Shed Media and VH1) has reportedly fired three cast members as promised. And what may not be all that surprising—the three women cut from season five’s lineup—Royce Reed, Jennifer Williams, Kesha Nichols, are the tamer ladies of the cast.

Royce, Jennifer, and Kesha were all given the boot supposedly to do away with “dead weight” from the controversial show, according to TMZ.

As many fans called it, Jennifer would be given her walking papers because of her pending lawsuit against fellow cast member Evelyn Lozada’s assistant, Nia Crooks.

Even if you aren’t a staunch viewer of the show, you’ve heard about the resounding smack Crooks hand delivered to Williams’ face. Producers unsuccessfully tried to get the 39-year-old to drop the lawsuit and later pegged her as a liability because she stood her ground.

Though word has it Royce was booted for discussing her child’s father going against a 2009 gag order, the better probability is her previous feud with show producer and costar Shaunie O’Neal.

Nichols, who was deemed “meek” from refusing to fight co-stars Tami Rowan and Kendra Smith in various scenes, was reportedly not brought back for another season because she didn’t bring enough flair, i.e. too tame, to the show.


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7 thoughts on “Shaunie O’Neal Fires Three Cast Members From ‘Basketball Wives’

  1. Janice Segue says:

    Why are you guys getting rid of Jennifer? I don't think it's a good decision…YOU are only getting rid of her because she sued the girl who hit her, by the way who is not a cast-member…SHAME ON YOU VH1…WHAT HAPPEN TO DEMOCRACY…SHAME ON YOU SHAUNIE & VH1 PRODUCERS…SHAME ON YOU!

  2. Exactly shame on you Shaunie., she claims she wants a non violent show but kept all the ghetto troublemakers smh.

  3. Shaunie you reach an all time low, you better put Jen back on show or you will fall from grace.

  4. Jazzmyn Skye says:

    Shaunie has already fallen from grace for allowing the bs antics to even get out of hand they way it did this season. The three ladies are better off! Take all these lame hoes off the air!

  5. LaStarr Moore says:

    They just kicked off the 3 ladies that have less drama. Smh the show is a bunch of mess anyway. They need to go ahead and take it off the air. These reality hoes are giving women a bad name. As you can see REAL basketball wives have enough class not to go on the show. Shame on Shaunie and her followers ie. Tami, Evelyn and Suzie. They all suck! Fire them all!

  6. Shaunie knows exactly what she's doing. She fired Jennifer, Royce and Keisha because they wouldn't kiss her ass, but kept the trouble makers. On the reunion, Tami mentioned she was moving to LA ( hope she doesn't get hired on BBWLA) and Evelyn has her own realtiy show now, so Shaunie didn't have to fire them. Shaunie is scared of Evelyn and Tami. I hope Jennifer continues with the lawsuit against Nia. First of all, Nia shouldn't had any part on the show. She only came on to portray negatively towards Jennifer. I hope she gets everything she deserves. Jennifer, Royce and Keisha will have the last laugh and they will be alright.

  7. Janice Segue says:

    I agree with all you ladies, it is unbelievable how Shaunie sat there with the fake tears and false concerns…if you looked at Shaunie’s face when Jennifer spoke on the reunion show you could see her total contempt for Jennifer. Royce had already walked away from their group; although in the beginning of the production they tried to portray Royce as a classless woman…WOW, what a joke! Shaunie and the producers do not want Keisha on their show because she refuses to act like an asshole… I agree…remove the show…these ladies are simply OFFENSIVE and are going all out to make women look BAD… VH1 says they are dropping the dead weight from their show…more like they don't want any women with class on their show…

    One more thing, Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco are now personae non grata at luxurious Miami hotels… several establishments have rejected the couple's request to tie the knot at their fancy digs because they don't want glasses and fists flying. NEED WE SAY MORE…these women are crazy and so is VH1 …VH1 producers are ready to take their own legal action after Williams went to the media and blasted "BB Wives" alleging the show portrays African-American women negatively? REALLY…I WONDER WHY, BECAUSE SHE'S TELLING THE TRUTH… ;(

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