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Basketball Wives Firing Jennifer Williams Sends Dangerous Message

UPDATE-Basketball Wives is set to fire three wives, Jennifer Williams, Kesha Nichols and Royce Reed. While the rumors began swirling earlier this week when Shaunie O’Neal stated she would cut 3 wives without question if she had a choice a more official word came last evening. With the three wives gone that leaves Evelyn Lozada, Kenya Bell, Tami Roman, Suzie Ketcham and Shaunie. If you’re new to Basketball Wives and only caught season four you saw enough to note that the ladies receiving the pink slip did nothing to start any drama. On the other hand every single one of the wives remaining have had their hands in the drama that later resulted in a boycott; Suzie for instigating, Tami for bullying, Evelyn for violence and Shaunie for aiding and abetting. And Kenya was desperately wanting to start some drama with Kesha.

It was shameful to witness Shaunie and Evelyn attempt to slam Jennifer for filing a police report and lawsuit against Nia Crooks for slapping her. Shaunie called the incident a mistake yet there was never a scene that showed Nia being apologetic. To this day Nia’s defense is Jenn asked for it.

These were Shaunie’s words in the interview,

“There would be three who are out immediately in Miami. No questions asked. Not in anything personal, just not where I’m trying to go. Not on the same page.”

Where is Shaunie trying to go? When the boycott began it was because of Evelyn and later Tami’s disgusting behavior which then forced Shaunie and Shed Media to begin releasing statements promising a more balanced show. Though we shouldn’t be surprised by the firing. Meeka Claxton was bullied by Tami and she too was fired. It’s obvious what is important to Shaunie and Shed – it’s just a pity they think they’re fooling the public.

What can of message is Basketball Wives sending?

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  1. Frankie says:

    Amazing..NOT. Shaunie’s objective is $$$$$$ which depends on ratings. Kenya is psychotic, Eve and Tammi are bullies, and Susie is the ultimate low life gossip. Anyone with class is no longer there. On the other hand we don’t know if the three elected to be out of this trailer trash ghetto drama.

  2. Susie M says:

    This can’t be true – there is no way VH1 would allow them to keep the bullies and get rid of the decent people. What kind of message does that send to viewers? I was horrified by Tami’s mistreatment of Kesha, as were 99% of viewers. Also, appalled that Shaunie is so upset that Jenn pressed charges against a woman that hit her in her face??? Why don’t you want her to press charges – she was assaulted?? Crazy.
    In the reunion, they were saying Jenn had bullied someone before – but the difference is, that woman was not afraid Jenn was going to jump over a table at her. She was not afraid of physical violence from Jenn- big difference. I think this must be mis-information. there is no way they would get rid of royce, kesha and Jenn instead of Tami the Bull and her posse.

  3. Reba says:

    The message they are sending is this: Bullies win, class lose. If she were really trying to take the show in a POSITIVE direction, the NEGATIVE influences would be gone

  4. Doc says:

    Unfortunately the decisions have been made and it’s crystal clear that the negative, disrespectful and often times disgusting behavior of some of the women remaining on the show has won out over the more positive influence that could have been had by the women who were fired. Shaunie and Shed, you have missed out on a golden opportunity to teach a valuable life lesson to countless numbers of young, impressionable African American women. Imagine the positive impact you could have had by using the conflict as teachable moments rather than glorifying the rants of violence and almost hatred towards each other. We all know that conflict is a part of life, but it’s how you handle it that dictates the kind of person you really are. The show could have done more to address how to handle the conflict so that the fighting and the disrepectful treatment weren’t worn almost as badges of honor. I only hope that the powers that be can sleep at night knowing the role you are playing in negatively impacting a whole generation of young, impressionable Black sisters.

  5. Shawna says:

    It all boils down to the fact that the 3 ladies had more fans and was more popular than the ghetto freaks that remain. The show has lost another viewer.

  6. Kay says:

    Shaunie has never stepped in and said anything to Tammi or Evelyn about their violence. Such classless black women. They are keeping the most classless women on the show . Noone ever calls Susie out for always running back and forth telling Evelyn, Tammi, and Shaunie what the other girls said. She is the ultimate low life gossip. I also feel that when they have the reunions, they should get someone other than John Sallee. He always dumps on the other girls and never says anything to Evelyn and Tammi about their violent ways. And I have never heard him call Susie out about her gossiping.

  7. Shaunie is a two faced sneaky ass coward she has a lot of nerve to treat Jennifer as if she did something wrong. She sat the through the whole thing while Evelyn picked on Jennifer and if you ask me they all appear to jealous of her. These are hood rat chicks.

  8. Staci says:

    Unbelievable. Go to change. Org and sign the boycott for season 5

  9. Barbie says:

    Basketball wives have sent a clear message that the producers want black women on the show who are portrayed as loud, violent and ghetto. If you are a black woman with class you will be fired from the show like Jen was because America is not ready to see a black woman as cool, calm, and collective. Shaunie is a snake who will do any thing to increase ratings including sell out black women. Tami is a loud bully who is ghetto, unattractive, unintelligent and looks like a drag queen. Ev is more that just loose she has laid on her back more times then a hooker. I

  10. Barbie says:

    I will not watch a show with Chad an Ev because it is going to be a mess. Ev is not marriage material so you know what that means. She cannot be trusted because she told Jen’s business. Jen is not the one who is jealous I think it is the other way around. The reunion was a set up. Jen should not drop her law sue. I am a psychiatrist and the producers are trying to send the wrong message to young black girls. Violating others is serious and their are legal consequences no matter what basketball wives say. When it is all said and done Jen will be remembered as a lady and we all know how Ev and Tami will be remembered. .

  11. Tiff says:

    If this is true its sad! Shaunie not that savvy as we’ve all been lead to believe.
    Bye-Bye BBW….I’m truly done.

  12. Minda Fulton says:

    Shaunie is concerned about the betrayal of blk women in her show….mmmm…so she fires the one that conducts themselves as women. Her message is clear. She wants blk women to betrayed in a positive light…just not on her show because it doesn't make her money. Shaunie shame on you. Stop pimping these women.

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