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John Stamos To Star In ‘My Man Is A Loser’

John Stamos has joined the cast of the upcoming comedy movie My Man Is A Loser. The Glee guest star will play in the independent film, which is based on two men who are trying to be better husbands.

Actors Michael Rappaport and Bryan Callen have already signed on to play in this film as well. The duo will play the bad spouses and Stamos is slated to play their promiscuous friend who tries to help them put the flames back in their respective marriages.

Mike Young wrote the script and he will also direct. Producing the film will be David Goldin and Eric Bamberger of Step One of Many Entertainment along with Michael Becker of Imprint Entertainment.

Filming for My Man Is A Loser starts later this month in New York City.

Besides starring in this new movie, Stamos is also joining James Earl Jones in Gore Vidal’s The Best Man, which is currently on Broadway. In the 1960 play about backstage presidential politics, the actor will replace Eric McCormack’s role as presidential candidate Joe Cantwell.

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