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Friends Say Kanye West ‘Can’t Wait’ to Have Kids with Kim Kardashian

Ever since Kanye West professed his love for Kim Kardashian via song, their romance has been a whirlwind that shows no signs of slowing down and, according to sources close to the rapper, he might be thinking of baby names.

“They’re seriously talking marriage, and yes, she would [accept his proposal],” a friend of West’s told Us Weekly. “Kanye says he can’t wait to see her carrying his child. He says she will look beautiful pregnant.” Apparently, the feeling is mutual. “They are the real deal,” said a friend of Kardashian’s. “I’ve never seen her like this.”

The pair has not been quiet about their love affair and has been shown all over the media sharing their affection for each other. Yesterday, Kardashian tweeted a picture of her and her beau in matching Air Yeezy sneakers, which were designed by West.

But don’t forget: We’ve seen all of this before with Kardashian and her infamously impetuous heart.

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