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Will 'Basketball Wives' Fire Evelyn Lozada And Tami Roman?

UPDATE-Season 5 of Basketball Wives will be a different show with less drama and three less cast members if executive producer Shaunie O’Neal has her way. Last night’s reunion of the controversial show confirmed why it should be cancelled altogether but Shaunie believes it can be saved with firing three members.

Here’s what Shaunie said to Kevin Frazier of ‘Inside TV,’

“I wish and I hope that Tami (Roman) and I and all of the ladies can sit down and figure it out, because honestly I don’t want to go back. One of those things like I’m looking out of the corner of my eye [and wondering], ‘is anybody gonna pop of or throw something or hit somebody or take something’. I don’t want to sit in the midst of that anymore. I really just don’t want to be apart of it anymore. Not on that level, at all.”

On if she’s ready to let it go if things continue as they are. “Absolutely,” before adding, It’s out of control. And I do believe that certain ladies realize that and are taking responsibility. (By responsibility she means Tami’s half hazard apology and Evelyn Lozada blaming Jennifer for filing a police report??)

“Sometimes I sit and I just want to exit stage left immediately, cause I’m like, ‘What just happened?’ And what you didn’t see in one particular time that Jen get hit, after it happened and everyone is still in the room yelling and cussing each other out, I’m out on the patio just breathing. I was just totally away with my head in my hands because I’m like, what do you do at this point?”

We have a few suggestions! The interesting part of the interview came when Kevin asked if she felt uncomfortable with some of the ladies and whether she would cut some of them loose.

“Yeah. I’m uncomfortable. I’m very uncomfortable. When you just don’t know…you have that ‘I don’t know’ feeling…I run from that feeling. I am now. I had the ‘I don’t know’ feeling going into season 4 and I should’ve stuck with my gut. The feeling of, ‘I don’t think I want to do this’ but I did it, but I won’t do it again.

On how many cast members she would fire, “Three. There would be three who are out immediately in Miami. No questions asked. Not in anything personal, just not where I’m trying to go. Not on the same page.”

During part one and two of Basketball Wives reunion Shaunie sat to the left of John Salley with Tami Roman, Suzie and Evelyn which rightly reflected her bias. There was not one moment during the reunion that Shaunie ever chastised Tami for outright bullying Kesha or Evelyn for repeatedly threatening Jennifer with violence. Yet she managed to scold Jennifer for seeking justice against Nia Crooks. It causes one to believe that in the scheme of things when Shaunie speaks of members of the cast not being on the same page – she’s not referring to Evelyn and Tami. The answer to our question then would be a resounding no – when it should honestly be Yes!

If anyone is fired from Basketball Wives – who should it be?

Watch the video below:

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