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Real Housewives of Atlanta Star NeNe Leakes Lands New Clothing Deal

Reality TV stars are taking over! Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes has landed a new deal with licensing agency Beanstalk to offer “fashion-forward, affordable apparel and accessories.” If you’re keeping track NeNe Leakes’ latest venture will be added to four successful seasons on Real Housewives, an alleged million dollar contract for season 5, a recurring role on ‘Glee,’ ‘The New Normal,’ a sparkling wine called Miss Moscato and several other deals with her millionaire business partner John Kolaj.

According to a statement by Beanstalk’s president Michael Stone obtained by THR, NeNe’s broad appeal was her leverage.

“While the fame of reality television characters is often short-lived and fleeting NeNeLeakes has displayed versatility that has enabled her to transition from being a Real Housewives personality to a featured television star on Glee. NeNe’s mult-faceted personality and aspirational style will translate well into products that will emotionally connect with her fans.”

Allison Ames, president of North America at Beanstalk added, “NeNe’s rise to fame has eclipsed that of any other reality television star today, providing a real opportunity to extend her brand.”

Kim Kardashian and her family still hold the mantle but NeNe is certainly heading in the right direction!

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