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Jay-Z Orders Rihanna to Rehab; “She’s Been Out of Control for Months”

Sources report that pop culture queen Rihanna has finally reached her breaking point. After dominating the music industry for seven years, the Barbados bombshell could be facing time… in rehab. Rihanna continued to indulge in reckless partying even after her battle with dehydration and exhaustion. Close friends and business partners are seriously worried about her health while Jay-Z threatened to drop her from the Roc Nation label.

The world has coined Rihanna as an R&B rebel, accepting her bad girl antics as a means of self-expression. But family and friends believe her excessive partying and reckless drinking has gone too far. “I think she desperately needs help and some time off—not just from work but from all other stresses in her life, too,” said a close friend in an interview with Look magazine. “She’s reached a breaking point. Ri says she’s physically and mentally exhausted and feeling lost.”

Rihanna’s emotional displacement and apparent loneliness has seeped into the world of social media. Look magazine claimed that Rihanna’s constant updating of fans and sharing pictures and news via twitter are signs that she is battling with Narcissistic Personality Disorder—a constant need for attention and admiration.

But attention should be the least of the singer’s worries. Rihanna is the center of attention in New York City’s Times Square, dominating the city streets with a gigantic billboard that displays her vibrant red locks and nude body. With only her arms and legs covering her private parts, Rihanna takes Rebelle, her latest fragrance, to the next promotional level. She described the fragrance as a symbol of girl empowerment, explaining: “My new fragrance is about taking control but still being a lady.”

The billboard’s release was a bold statement, attesting to Rihanna’s musical influence and star quality. The advertisement debuted just after she was accused of using a body double in her most recent Armani Jeans commercial. Some think the billboard was an attempt to counteract these accusations, proving that the banging body you catch in the commercial is the same physique you see on the billboard. But will all the attention she has attained through promotional ads and musical endeavors end the rock star’s career?

Manager, confidant and father figure Jay-Z apparently believes so, threatening to drop the 24-year-old from the Roc Nation record label if she does not seek help in rehab. Jay-Z has ordered Rihanna to get her life together before it’s too late. Outraged by Ri Ri’s failure to catch a business flight to the UK, Jay reportedly yelled at the star, angrily stating, “Go to rehab now or I’ll drop you from the label,” according to the British magazine Closer. Rihanna does not agree with her manager’s demands but has no choice but to abide by poppa Jay’s rules. Rihanna later denied that she missed the flight due to illness, insisting she needed more time with her family, particularly her grandmother, who is suffering from cancer.

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13 thoughts on “Jay-Z Orders Rihanna to Rehab; “She’s Been Out of Control for Months”

  1. Junie Bachelor says:

    Bristol Palin if what is being said about you is true, as a mother, you should be disgusted and ashamed of yourself, you only wish you had a man like Barak, now grow up. When people start to tease and make fun of your kid I hope you remember this.

  2. John Newman says:

    I just love it when this celeb or that celeb is said to be suffering from 'exhaustion'…and as for Rihanna needing to take a break: give me a freakin' break! It seems as though every other day I see pictures of her lounging on one tropical beach or another. The poor girl's had more vacations in the last six months than most folks get in 20 years. What she needs to do is grow up and realize that flavours of the month have a short shelf life. What started out as a promising career from a fresh and unique talent has devolved into just another roc-nation auto tuned clone churning out forgettable product for a quick payday and spending far more time partying and tweeting than planning her next career move. She's a 'where are they now' just waiting to happen.

  3. If the girl wants to get faded let her yolo

  4. Wtf are u talking about??

  5. Keith Ponder says:

    God for you Jigga. I'm glad that someone cares. Those partying photos of her have been scaring me for a while too. Let's all hope that this supreme talent of a lady can have some time to herself in rehab so she can get it together.

  6. Mallory Lawler says:

    She can get faded away just like Amy Winehouse and Whitney then everybody wants to cry crocodile tears. It's good someone is trying to do an intervention on her. Fans don't care they love the drama of seeing people self destruct!

  7. This is a hard life as a entertainer.

  8. Tracy Sangster-Boswell says:

    smh….Thank God he ordered her to rehab, I see another Lindsey in the making…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Drop it, like its Hot.

  10. Cory Carney says:

    All these posh rehab joints just look like tropical vacations to me what with massages, tai chi, and detox diets of fresh fruits and veggies 24/7… I'm an addict, I'm out of control, someone- take me to rehab quick, before I release another CD of non stop singles!

  11. JAY-Z thank you for stepping up. Someone with foresight needs to intervene here, while there is still something to preserve. Rihanna is screaming for help.

  12. Crandall Devoris Hunt says:

    I think she just want her old life back the days when she say something to someone an ment it. the entertainment world is built. On lies….

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