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From His Struggles, A Father Creates Inspiring Tale of Marriage and Fatherhood

In an era where the significance of marriage and the status of the American family are constantly in question, sound advice and insight on creating strong relationships can be hard to come by. Darryl Cobbin’s “Before You Wed… Read This” does more than provide a set of guidelines for those preparing the leap, it defines the foundations of a healthy family and a happy marriage.

Part of what makes “Before You Wed” so effective, is the incredibly personal approach that Cobbin takes to explain his points. The entire book reads as a love letter to his three daughters, and his wife Valarie. Cobbin, who is a managing partner of Diamond Diapora Media, uses the introduction to make it clear that his own marriage was not a fairy tale story. The knowledge presented in the book is the result of his own struggles with married life, including a period of separation during his nearly 20 years of marriage.

Our Father, Our Heroes:

Each chapter is formatted in a similar fashion, introducing a central value to consider in one’s relationships. Cobbin uses his own experiences as a basis for driving home his points, and offers methods for readers to recognize issues before they become problems in their marriage. Closing advice is compiled at the end of the chapter, to ensure that the message is received. Specifically, “Before You Wed” focuses on the use an introspective process to evaluate not only one’s relationship, but also one’s self. The book makes it clear that the goal isn’t simply to help improve the quality of a marriage, but also the quality of one’s life.

For African-Americans, Cobbin’s personal story should have an even greater impact. During 2003, the same year that Cobbin was separated from his wife, a study by Demographic Research showed that nearly one in three black couples were divorcing, the highest rate of any demographic in the country. In the time since, those numbers have only continued to grow, turning the probability of divorce into a reality for African-American couples. Arcing from his experiences as a newlywed and the birth of his children to vicious arguments, separation and ultimately redemption, Cobbin paints a picture that can inspire black men and women struggling through difficult times in their relationships. One of the most powerful messages in “Before You Wed” comes from the title of one of its chapters: “Divorce is Not An Option.”

“Before You Wed… Read This” is available from online retailers in an eBook format on The book’s official website is:


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