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Jada Pinkett Smith Battles Plastic Surgery Rumors

Jada Pinkett Smith is being slammed with accusations of the growing numbers of celebrities who are going under the knife to keep their youthfulness in check.

The petite mom-of-three (including Will Smith’s son from previous marriage) was spotted with what seemed to be sunken cheeks at her husband’s new film premiere, “Men In Black 3.”

Dr. Anthony Youn, who hasn’t treated the actress/singer, told Radar, “The Hawthorne star appears to have returned to the hospital for a little plastic surgery, causing her cheeks to look plumped up.”

The doctor continued to insinuate that Jada possibly received cheek injections from fat rendered from her backside.

“It’s also possible that this dramatic change in her appearance is due to surgical augmentation with solid silicone cheek implants,” he added. “Although Jada’s appearance seems to have changed, she always looks great!”

Do you think Jada’s face look altered?


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