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Lindsay Lohan Delays Filming Of 'Liz And Dick'

Lindsay Lohan was in a car accident on Friday near the beach in Santa Monica, California.

“She was driving northbound … and she collided with a large dump truck,” says Santa Monica Police Sgt. Richard Lewis. “There were no injuries to the parties in the dump truck.”

After the accident Lohan complained of pain and both her and her passenger were transported to the hospital.

“Gratefully it’s not worse,” he adds. “When you have a larger vehicle and a smaller vehicle involved in a collision, those can be devastating sometimes.”

The Mean Girls actress is currently shooting Lifetime‘s Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton biopic Liz & Dick and because of the new revelation, filming for the movie has been delayed. Lohan was actually on her way to the set of the movie in Malibu when she got into the incident.

Since going to the hospital, Lohan and her passenger have since been released.

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