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Chris Bosh Suing To Let Daughter Attend London Olympics

Chris Bosh is already looking beyond the NBA playoffs … pleading with a judge to let his daughter see him play in the Summer Olympic Games — a move his baby mama is fighting due to TERRORIST threats — this according to a new Florida lawsuit.

According to legal documents filed in Florida, the Miami Heat star wants a judge to clear a legal path for his 3-year-old daughter to visit him in London during the Olympics … where he’s playing for Team USA, but his ex Allison Mathis claims it’s a dangerous situation.

According to the docs, Mathis says even though her ex “is willing to take the risk of terrorism,” she doesn’t think a child “should be willingly taken to a place of promised danger.”

If you recall … the NBA star and Mathis have been embroiled in a nasty custody battle for awhile … and Bosh says this latest skirmish is another example of Mathis trying to keep him from his daughter.

A judge ordered the issue to be decided by a Parenting Coordinator … but there’s no word yet on the outcome.

Source: TMZ


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11 thoughts on “Chris Bosh Suing To Let Daughter Attend London Olympics

  1. Mathis is obviously a vindictive bitch who cares more about hurting Bosh than allowing her daughter to be happy.

  2. Why does she have to be a vindictive b****. She is a loving mother who cares and loves her child… He has a new wife and child on the way, take them and when he comes back he can spend time with his daughter.

  3. Kimberly Russell says:

    SMH..She's probably mad becausie the two of them couldn't stay together–so now she's preventing the father from spending time with his child. That's rotten!

  4. Anonymous says:

    the child is 3. what 3 year old is going to care about basketball and, furthermore, recognize the significance of seeing a parent play in the olympics? looks like they're both trying to stick it to one another….

  5. Evan Coulstring says:

    its the fact that when the child grows up she will be able to say she seen her father play for their country during the olympics in london and as for saying what 3 yr old is going to care about basketball…. plenty some children eat, sleep, and breath the sport they seem to love. Some have that passion before they can walk. Terrorists can be and are everywhere. Mathis needs to grow up and stop using her child to try and get at her ex. The poor little ones deserves everything her father wants to give her. That includes a trip to london if he sees fix

  6. Ed Miller says:

    Like a lot of women nowadays this one is trying to use the courts as a vindictive measure against her husband. Not to say there isn't bad men but the mom ought to know this would be a lifetime opportunity for her daughter and the risk would really be miniscule. She's caring about herself, not her daughter.

  7. Robert Smith says:

    I agree…Chris need to stop crying and man-up. Allow the mother to raise her daughter and respect what she think is best for the child at this stage of her life. And stop crying to the judge to decide what's best for the child. You'll have plenty of quality time to spend with your child. Stop making a public spectacle of your disagreements. Brother you have too much money to lose sleep over this. To me, you come off as a powerless, impotent, weakling…expending too much energy fighting battles for which there are no victors.

  8. Another sad mother using a child to get attention…good luck Mr Bosh keep praying cause that women has the devil backing.

  9. and we complain where are the black father???? THIS WANT TO BE A REAL BLACK FATHER, LET HIM

  10. Why is it that she sad and vindictive, People stop this is a mother who wants the best for her child. I'm sure if he was in he life on a regular bases there would be No, problem..We on the other hand think we know the mother and we Don't..We are talking about a 3 year old little girl not basketball moving from hand to hand.

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