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Tia Mowry, Pooch Hall's Exit From 'The Game' Prompt New Castings

Tia Mowry and Pooch Hall’s surprising exits from ‘The Game’ has the writers scrambling as how to properly deal with their focal couple leaving the show.

The final episode of season six had the pair heading to Baltimore so that Melanie could pursue her residency at John Hopkins University.

Naturally, show producers are trying to figure out how season seven scene should open. Reportedly, instead of hiring two new actors to fill the Melanie/Derwin roles, ‘The Game’ writers are leaning towards pulling a ‘Single Ladies’ and completely offing the characters altogether that may run parallel to the Melanie/Derwin storyline.

The new woman would be “Kiera,” a 20-year-old former child star who has been in the spotlight since five-years-old, bright and charming, but struggles with moving into an adult career. Her new counterpart would be “Bryce,” a number one Ivy League draft pick running back who breaks the norm athlete stereotype. He’s the smartest guy in the room with a Heisman Trophy which will make his new teammates uneasy.

Will you be watching next season without Melanie and Derwin?

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