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Rapper Lil Phat Shot and Killed Outside Atlanta Hospital On Thursday

The promising career of Trill Entertainment rapper Lil Phat ended in tragedy Thursday night.

Sandy Springs police said Friday they are searching for two suspects in the fatal shooting of  a 19-year-old man outside Northside Hospital.

Police identified the victim as Melvin Vernell III, a.k.a. “Lil Phat,” of Corbin Lake Court in Sandy Springs. A motive for the Thursday night shooting was not known.

Police spokesman Capt. Steve Rose said Friday morning that police are searching for “two black males … seen running from the location at the time of the shooting.”

Witnesses described one as short and wearing a red shirt and the other a tall and dressed in all black, Rose said.

The incident happened about 6:40 p.m. in the 1001 block of Johnson Ferry Road, Sandy Springs police said. A man was found shot multiple times in a car parked on the second level of a parking deck off Hollis Cobb Drive next to the Northside Hospital Women’s Center.

The victim was taken to Northside Hospital, where he was pronounced dead a short time later. Police declined Friday to say why Vernell was in the hospital parking deck,

Witnesses indicated to investigators that they saw at least one suspect running from the parking deck toward Johnson Ferry Road. Police said Thursday night they knew of no connection between the shooting and the hospital or its Women’s Center.

The parking deck has video surveillance cameras but it was not known if they captured any useful images.

One of the visitors caught up in the lockdown was state Sen. Charlie Bethel (R-Dalton).

“We arrived around 6:30 to visit my brother and sister-in-law – my wife’s family had baby today at Northside Women’s Center – and as we arrived, there was a disturbance in the parking lot,” Bethel told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in a phone interview.

“As we entered the hospital, we were escorted to an empty patient room with other visitors,” he said. “Another family said that as they were beginning to leave, they heard shots and were hurried back into the hospital.”

Hospital officials, Bethel said, “just asked us to go, close the doors and stay away from the windows.”

The visitors were let out of the room about 8:30 p.m., he said.

Source: AJC

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23 thoughts on “Rapper Lil Phat Shot and Killed Outside Atlanta Hospital On Thursday

  1. Bob Henning says:

    He will be sorely missed. NOT. Police as of yet don`t have a motive for the slaying. How about perhaps the motive is as simple as He was a Losed Gang Banger living the BS Gangster Life and it got him MURDERED like it does Thousands of Young Blacks Anually. There to busy carrying around a huge Chip on their Sholder and Blaming the White Folks for everything to notice that Drugs and Black on Black Crime is destroying their entire Race.

  2. Dave Duncan says:

    well he died doing what he loved, gang banging.

  3. Finally, the cliche about the young man about to turn his life around with a promising rap career is true!

  4. He was a good person!

  5. Anonymous says:

    HA HA just another thug down the drain. If only he had a real job like MOST Americans he might be alive. You live by the sword, die by the sword. This just goes to show you RAP doesn't PAY.

  6. Prinzeono EK says:

    Comes with the territory especially if you are running with the wrong people. I hope he was saved in Jesus name, if so he is with the King. Pray for his family.

  7. Prinzeono EK says:

    That's good to hear.

  8. Prinzeono EK says:

    Sad to hear this so what happened comes with the life style

  9. Anthony Stevens says:

    What's funny about a racist? Be careful YOU don't end up regretting your silly, uncompassionate remarks. God don't like ugly.

  10. Anthony Stevens says:

    This is a sad situation. We don't know many details so it's really hard to sort this one. One thing is for sure. Black boys need to look for other role models and career aspirations other than rappers. The white male powers that be are NOT going to allow any of the conscious rappers to have any voice in the mainstream media so all lyrically talented young Black males WILL be relegated to rapping about nonsense, violence, and promiscuous sex which helps the Devil to destroy the Black community. Be young, gifted, and Black. BUT be SMART!

  11. do you feel the same way when you hear about all the hispanics getting their brains blown out by hispanic drug gangs ? hey just asking mr.PEREZ

  12. don't forget about all your people that have mad ea career of being meth heads and your women breading with black men that don't want them ! watch the maury show.and white folk like you are to busy molesting children in their community and committing incest within their own Family. Meth and inbreeding is destoying your entire race. next time you have sex with your sister think about what i just said.

  13. Anonymous says:

    "…Witnesses described one as short and wearing a red shirt and the other as tall and dressed in all black…" well, that should be plenty to go on…sigh…

  14. Mel Content says:

    Barry St John, the only difference between the Maury Show and the hip-hop/rap subculture is that most adolescent whites recognize that the meth heads are truly f*cked up and don't seek to emulate them. Why is it again that 2/3 of all black children in this country are born out of wedlock? That's not a white folks problem. That's a problem in the BLACK community. Why don't you deal with that before whining "but the white folks…" ad nauseum?

  15. Mel Content says:

    "The white male powers that be are NOT going to allow any of the conscious rappers to have any voice in the mainstream media"

    What a load of BS. The ones who have a "voice" are the ones that generate sales. When black folks stop buying [email protected] and start listening to those in the black community who may have a more constructive message, then those who generate those sales will have a voice. Simple supply and demand. Stop blaming the white folks for all your freaking problems, it only makes you look like a damned fool.

  16. Dave Turner says:

    Barry St John – what you said? I could barely DECIPHER what you said with all the spelling errors. Ever heard of spell check?

  17. Jack C Greene says:

    Good, one more piece of crap we won't have to hear in our living rooms while the morons drive by…..I am so sick of that rap crap garbage……..nothing but nnigger noise.

  18. Jack C Greene says:

    barry st john……shut your hole……you blacks sure don't kick the white ladies out of your beds do YOU…….grow some hair and learn how to spell before you go around cutting white folks….pecker head……. typical chicago asshole

  19. Gary Norman says:

    Drugs most likely.

  20. Mel Content says:

    It's funny because it's true. Many of these low-IQ rappers embrace the whole thug gangsta culture and yet the perpetually clueless wonder why they get offed in some drive-by. Black music has been part of American culture for over a century now but you never heard jazz, blues, or soul musicians in the 40's, 50's and 60's glamorize violence. When the subject of street life came up in music in the 1970's, cats like Curtis Mayfield used their music to illustrate its destructive nature to everyone, NOT to glorify it. Now these muddle-headed nitwits (and I'm including the idiot white "wigger" kids as well as the black ones) glamorizing "da hood" emulate this crap and wonder why they get caught up in it. Oh well…

  21. Barry so women are breading with black men? Breading? Flour or corn flake breading? You stupid jerk, did you even go to school? Typical of you folks. NOW did you like that stereotype? I bet not. Shut up if you cannot make a complete sentence properly.

  22. Tim Nourie says:

    Rap is to Music as Porn is to Theater.

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