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Boston Celtic Fan Throws Beer on LeBron James After Miami Heat win

LBJ: Three times the MVP.

Boston Celtic fan douses LeBron James with beer after Miami Heat win

LeBron James is villainized by critics when he has a less-than-stellar game. He’s also villainized when he plays well.

After the Miami Heat’s 98-79 win over the Boston Celtics in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals, a fan threw a drink on James as he was heading to the lockerroom.

James, who had just scored 45 points, chose not to react and kept walking.

Nothing that he could have said would have made more of a statement than his play had anyway.

With his team facing elimination, he seemingly couldn’t miss. He scored 14 points in the first quarter, had 30 by halftime and added 11 in the third quarter. He made 19 of his 26 field-goal attempts, his most efficient output in any of the six games in which he scored 45 points or more.

He also had 15 points and five assists.

Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra gushed about the player who is accused of not being clutch in big games.

“He was absolutely fearless tonight,” Spoelstra said. “And it was contagious.”

Boston Coach Doc Rivers also paid homage to the highly criticized superstar.

“I hope now you guys can stop talking about LeBron and that he doesn’t play in big games,” Rivers told reporters. “He was pretty good tonight. Now that’s to bed.”

James didn’t let the classless Celtics fan ruin his moment or spoil his mood.

While on the podium, he took a moment to reflect on his performance.

“It’s a great feeling to be in, when you feel like everything you put up is going in,” James said.

Source: LA Times

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