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Jennifer Hudson Shares Excitement About Wedding Plans

Jennifer Hudson is “very excited” to finally start planning for her wedding now that justice has been served in the murder of some of her family members.

Hudson’s former brother-in-law, William Balfour, was convicted on three counts of murder after shooting Hudson’s mother, brother, and nephew. With Balfour facing a possible life sentence behind bars, the singer with the big voice apparently is finally ready to move on with her life.

David Otunga, her fiancé  told People, “That was something that was hanging over our heads for so long, and now we feel like we can finally breathe a sigh of relief.”

The couple was finally able to feel excited about their wedding plans and revealed that their adorable two year old son, David Jr., “will definitely be a huge part” of the wedding.

David Otunga said he adored Hudson’s nurturing spirit and that it made him love her even more.

“I’m blessed to have such a wonderful woman in my life who cares for our child so lovingly,” Otunga, 34, said.

For Hudson, however, being a good mother was just natural to her. “I care for my child like my mommy cared for me,” she said.

Whenever Otunga hits the road for a wrestling match, David Jr. enjoys watching his daddy on WWE’s “Monday Night Raw.” Otunga laughed as he informed People that David Jr. now refers to WWE as “WW-Dada.”

As for his toys, David Jr. didn’t find any other action figure to be greater than the miniature version of his father that he has constantly carried around.

The couple has kept much of their wedding plans private, but Jennifer did reveal that she will be wearing a gorgeous three-piece wedding gown that will reveal itself in layers as she struts down the aisle.

The couple has also been planning for more than just the wedding. In memory of their deceased family members, it recently founded the Julian D. King Foundation, which will donate Christmas toys and school supplies to underprivileged children.

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