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Real Housewives Star Kim Zolciak Slapped With Eviction Notice

UPDATE-Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak’s dream home is no more – is she getting evicted? After some prodding from nemesis NeNe Leakes on the reunion of Housewives last month Kim revealed she and husband Kroy Biermann were renting their “dream house” but intended to buy the home. The home located in Roswell, GA is 17,000 square foot and reportedly worth $3.25 million. Kim and Kroy agreed to purchase the home at $3 million but allegedly got wind that the home’s true value is $2 million.

From there the back and fourth on Twitter began. Kendra tweeted, alluding to a lawsuit and the reality couple not paying their rent,

“I am not allowing anything to happen. Hence the lawsuit and they have been on notice to call Two Men and a Truck!”

She also took a swipe at Kim’s finances,

“I would LOVE to compare Net Worth statements. But do people who live check to check have one?? Let’s do it!!”

Kim, of course, wasted no time with a response, tweeting,

“Oh! So now I dont pay my rent LMAO…Ppl will say anything for attention. I know if ppl weren’t paying me Id have a lawyer not twitter court.”

Somewhere NeNe is smiling or laughing loudly.

UPDATE: Kendra and her husband sent over the lease to TMZ to prove that Kim and Kroy are leaving in the home illegally. The couple sent notice to move out on May 30th however they are still living there.

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