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Nicki Minaj Cancels Summer Jam 2013 Appearance

Nicki Minaj pulls out of Hot 97’s Summer Jam 2013 before she even had a chance to officially sign a contract for the gig!! Summer Jam found itself without its headliner Nicki this past weekend after its morning host Peter Rosenberg took a swipe at fans loving “Starships”. Nicki explained that the DJ disrespected her and her millions of fans,

“When you invite somebody to your home, you treat somebody with respect. What happened was this, my fans didn’t appreciate his comments,” she explained. “When you disrespect Nicki Minaj, you’re disrespecting my fans. Don’t make those three million people…that their inferior for their personal taste in music.”

So for the foreseeable future, Nicki Minaj will be out of Summer Jam.

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