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Funkmaster Flex Confronts Nicki Minaj Over Summer Jam Pull Out

Nicki Minaj interviewed with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex following the Young Money brouhaha that was Lil’ Wayne’s executive decision to cease performances for Nicki Minaj’s headlining event at this year’s Summer Jam Sunday.

Fast forward, Funkmaster Flex decided to interview Minaj because he didn’t appreciate the hour-before pull-out, and the back-and-forth is a bit exhausting, but peep the taped interview (in-part).

Flex started out the gate reflecting on Peter Rosenberg’s wisecrack about Nicki’s “Starship” song that started the line of events.

“Maybe that wasn’t the best time to make that comment,” he said of Rosenberg, but added: “It is his opinion and what hip-hop is built on is opinion.”

Nicki was ready—shooting back: “I have opinions about DJs and Hot 97. Everyone is grown enough to keep their opinions to themselves.”

“I am not a joke…When you invite someone to your home you treat them with respect,” she continued.

“Wayne gave me a very very valuable lesson lasts night, on knowing my worth. It’s a lesson to every woman,” Minaj told Flex. “Yesterday after that disrespect, after a man goes on stage and disrespects me and calls my music (expletive) and not real hip-hop, and tries to rile people up against me before I step on stage, I still was going up on that stage. (Lil Wayne) called me..he goes ‘Nic, we ain’t doin that show.'”

Apparently Nicki didn’t think twice about not performing for fans until Wayne’s decision.

“I stand behind his decision. Every woman needs to know it doesn’t matter what people say about you,” Minaj continued. “After a certain amount of time, and you put in a certain amount of work, and I put in my work, you deserve respect. Those jokes shouldn’t have been said in front of my fans, in front of anyone before I came on stage.”

While the “Super Bass” rapper received some Twitter flak for leaning towards sexism, she quickly reiterated her intentions.

“No one said anyone came at me because I was a woman. I said they shouldn’t have made the comments, because I was a woman,” Minaj told Flex. “I am the only woman representing on Summer Jam stage. That’s not the way you boost the morale of the artist there, or the people there.”

“I’m not using a female card, I am a female. You should think about that before you attack the only woman on the bill,” Minaj told the radio station. “Something should have kicked in and said, ‘wow she is holding it down for every woman in hip-hop at this moment.’ If you don’t respect that, you’re stupid.”

We think Rosenberg’s comments could have been said, but agreeing with Minaj, stating such flagrant comments about the headlining guest before your guest go on stage is reprehensible. Timing is everything.

What’s your take on Nicki not performing and Rosenberg’s comments?



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