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Spike Lee and Mike Tyson Collaborate for One-Man Broadway Show

Most people wouldn’t expect Spike Lee and Mike Tyson to become a production team, but the unlikely pair are collaborating for the heavyweight champ’s one-man show “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth.”

Lee will serve as director for the show when it comes to Broadway later this year, according to TMZ. The show had a week long stint in Las Vegas in April. The show has gotten mixed reviews ranging from shock to confusion. “Tyson surprised [the audience] with medical-grade honesty. For two hours, it poured out of him like lava, raw and awful and sweet and funny and disgusting,” wrote ESPN’s Rick Reilly. “He mangled words and got hopelessly lost and then found paths you’d hope he wouldn’t. And yet, if you liked comic tragedy, he had you at, ‘I’m Mike Tyson. I used to knock [expletives] OUT.’”

Tyson confirmed Lee’s involvement in an interview with TMZ Live but did not provide details.

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