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NeNe Leakes Real Housewives Salary Increases To One Million

Real Housewives of Atlanta cannot part with its star, NeNe Leakes. Just last month rumors surfaced that NeNe’s salary was in the ballpark of $750,000 per season now she’s expected to see a payday of $1 Million for season five of Housewives of Atlanta. If true, NeNe will be the top earning Housewife in the show’s history. The next highest paid of the franchise is Vicki Gunvalson of Orange County according to the Miami Herald.

Perhaps NeNe’s continuous raise stems from her knowledge of building your brand through reality TV. She shared this critic of the women on VH1’s Basketball Wives,

“….And then I think about—they can’t want to do too much in their careers. A good ole argument, everybody likes that every now and then to tune into, but you couldn’t be trying to have too much in your career because that stuff, it don’t work. You can’t represent a product and be that way. That just doesn’t work. That’s one of the reasons when I’m sitting on my show, I’m thinking I’m just tired. Because at some point this can’t even help my future. You know, you would want to think that it would help your future.”

Sounds like NeNe Leakes has the formula down pat.

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