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Beyonce Knowles And Michelle Obama: A Condemn Friendship?

Beyonce Knowles is cherished and loved by millions, of those millions is the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. The beautifully talented FLOTUS, mother and wife has openly shared her love and adoration for Beyonce. Just last month when ask if she could be anyone other than herself, Michele chose Beyonce. What an honor for Bey, right?

Just when you thought the conservatives would jump all over the first lady publicly adoring a woman who performs in little to nothing and gyrates on stage, a writer for Loop21, Kelli Goff, who may or may not be a conservative, had something to say – and it wasn’t good.

“So when the most influential black woman in the world, armed with degrees from some of the best institutions in the world, names Beyonce, a singer best known for a song called “Bootylicious,” as someone she aspires to be, how can we expect young black girls who didn’t go to Princeton to aspire to more than that?”

“Which brings me to the second reason many found the First Lady’s response troubling. With her ill chosen remarks Michelle Obama helped affirm one of the most enduring and troublesome stereotypes that every single teacher in a low income, predominantly minority community must battle against every time he or she sets foot in a classroom: The stereotype that the greatest aspiration these children should hold is to be an entertainer, an athlete or rapper (or perhaps an entertainer who marries a rapper).”

First let’s address that yes, Beyonce is noted as one of the writers and performers of “Bootylicious” AND “Who Run The World”, “Halo” (my personal favorite), “Survivor” and countless others – we’re sure the Beyonce’s fans won’t mind running down.

But aside from her life as an entertainer, what about that as a woman. A young woman who’s been in a relationship with the same man for 10 years, dated for six, married for four and the baby came later and she’s more than able to take care of her family. If the “low income, predominantly minority community” Kelli speaks of took only that away from Beyonce plus her unrelenting work ethic – as documented by her videos and obvious success – would that be such a bad thing?

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  1. Sandy says:

    Exactly my point. She may have written ‘bootylicious”, but just because of that people seem to forget that she wrote beautiful, empowering song such as “survivor” and “Halo”, is it not okay for Mrs Obama to wish for the amazing talent that Beyonce clearly displays?

    On top of that, the role model that Beyonce sets for young children is to pursue their dream, beyonce entered in her first talent show when she was seven, and kept trying until she would finally get what she always wanted, something that children of today usually give up on.

    As well as that, her life as a woman and her inner beauty shines through. With the same man since she was 20 years old, didn’t rush into marriage, and THEN had a child. She clearly loves her family and holds them sacred in her heart. Personally i think Michelle Obama was well within her rights to want swap places with an extremely talented, empowering to women, beautiful wife and mother. No?

  2. Ellie says:

    For someone to just say that Beyonce Knowles is known for “bootilicious”, is to be ignorant of her story and her accomplishments not only in the music industry……but in life as well. She is still very respectful and loving of her parents and family unlike many, including political figures which I don’t even have to mention. Her charitable contributions are not known by many because she does them for the right reasons and not for publicity. Yes, she wrote Bootilicious as a TEENAGER, is that a sin? She has also written or recorded countless other songs which are actually empowering to not only young girls/ladies but people in general. Maybe you need to take a crash course on Beyonce Knowles 101. You will find how stupid and classless you sound. If you take offense in what she wears, you may belong in Indonesia rather than in the US of A.

    So before you start degrading and judging someone who apparently you do not know personally or professionally (doubt you have ever interviewed her) maybe you ought to see if you yourself could fit your description of a role model……. and certainly get ALL THE FACTS before judging someone.
    I am not at all on the Obama’s corner since I do not agree with their political views, but Beyonce does not have to apologize to anyone for her career and accomplishments. A better role model for young girls who want to be respectful young ladies does not exist.

  3. JUG says:


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