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Beyonce And Michelle Obama’s Improbable Friendship

Beyonce Knowles is cherished and loved by millions, one of those millions is the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. The beautifully talented FLOTUS, mother and wife has openly shared her love and adoration for Beyonce. Just last month when ask if she could be anyone other than herself, Michele chose Beyonce. What an honor for Bey, right?

Just when you thought the conservatives would jump all over the first lady publicly adoring a woman who performs in little to nothing and gyrates on stage, a writer for Loop21, Kelli Goff, who may or may not be a conservative, had something to say – and it wasn’t good.

“So when the most influential black woman in the world, armed with degrees from some of the best institutions in the world, names Beyonce, a singer best known for a song called “Bootylicious,” as someone she aspires to be, how can we expect young black girls who didn’t go to Princeton to aspire to more than that?”

“Which brings me to the second reason many found the First Lady’s response troubling. With her ill chosen remarks Michelle Obama helped affirm one of the most enduring and troublesome stereotypes that every single teacher in a low income, predominantly minority community must battle against every time he or she sets foot in a classroom: The stereotype that the greatest aspiration these children should hold is to be an entertainer, an athlete or rapper (or perhaps an entertainer who marries a rapper).”

First let’s address that yes, Beyonce is noted as one of the writers and performers of “Bootylicious” AND “Who Run The World”, “Halo” (my personal favorite), “Survivor” and countless others – we’re sure the Beyonce’s fans won’t mind running down.

But aside from her life as an entertainer, what about that as a woman. A young woman who’s been in a relationship with the same man for 10 years, dated for six, married for four and the baby came later and she’s more than able to take care of her family. If the “low income, predominantly minority community” Kelli speaks of took only that away from Beyonce plus her unrelenting work ethic – as documented by her videos and obvious success – would that be such a bad thing?


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