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Terrell Owens Has Hefty Ownership Share Taken For $50

The downward spiral of Terrell Owens continued this week as the Allen Wranglers served the former NFL superstar with an eviction notice along with a meager $50 buyout for his 50 percent stake in the team, according to TMZ.

According to reports, The Allen Wranglers delivered a written notice to Owens telling the receiver he had 48 hours to vacate the house they had provided him and to hand over the keys to the 2012 Jeep Cherokee the team had given him.

The Wranglers next move may force Owens to take legal action. Claiming Owens breached his contract, the Wranglers repurchased his 50 percent stake in the team…for 50 bucks.

Owens claimed that missing road games was a part of his contract, and that he only missed the charity event because the team’s publicist told him the wrong date. Owens is discussing the possibility of legal action with his lawyers.

The Wranglers have yet to release a statement.

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