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Robert De Niro & Sylvester Stallone In Talks To Star In Peter Segal's Comedy 'Grudge Match'

Back in 2010 there were talks of a new boxing comedy called Grudge Match that would follow two washed up pro boxers that wanted to duke it out one last time in the ring before they meet their maker. At the time the rumor mills were saying that Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone would star as the two aged boxers. Now it’s been confirmed by The Wrap that the two actors are in negotiations to star in the film that’s schedule to shoot early next year.

Apparently the theme of the movie is to have Rocky Balboa and Jake La Motta throw down in the ring for as many rounds as their hearts can take them. Of course Balboa is the character Stallone played in Rocky and La Motta is the boxer DeNiro played in Raging Bull.

Peter Segal, who directed Tommy Boy and Anger Management will spearhead this comedy. Doug Ellin has drafted the latest script with Bill Gerber, while Mark Stephen Johnson is producing.

Stallone isn’t known for his comedic timing at all and DeNiro’s comedy peaked with Meet the Fockers and even then he really didn’t do much of anything funny. Only Segal knows how he’s going to pull this one off. Let’s just wait and see.


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