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RG III Tops NFL Jersey Sales For May

Already, Washington Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III is making an impact. On the field, the team likes what it sees in the Heisman  Trophy winner. Off the field, people apparently love him.

Griffin has the hottest-selling jersey in the NFL for May — a pretty neat feat for a player who has yet to even play a pro game. The Washington Post reported Griffin’s No. 10 Redskins jersey sits at No. 1, ahead of even Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow and the player picked ahead of him in the NFL Draft, Andrew Luck.

Griffin’s jersey is third overall from April 1 to May 28 even though his jerseys couldn’t be purchased before the April 26 draft. The only players ahead of Griffin in that span are Manning and  Tebow, who has been selling plenty of New York Jets jerseys.

In D.C., they are not so surprised. Redskins fans are rabid. They even helped push Donovan McNabb to the No. 2 selling jersey in the entire league after his trade was announced a few years ago.

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