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Basketball Wives And Reasons Why Shaunie O'Neal Should Leave

UPDATE – Basketball Wives – Basketball Wives remains a trending topic as questions arise over Tami Roman’s interview on Wendy Williams – was she sincere, is it too late? To Jennifer Williams – is she returning? Yes, despite being bullied and ostracized by Evelyn Lozada. The loudest noise however surrounds Shaunie O’Neal, the executive producer of the drama-filled show. VH1 announced earlier this week there will be a season 5 but is it time for Shaunie to throw in the towel? With a resounding yes – here are our reasons,

Her reputation:
Did you know Shaunie was once an entertainment analyst for Insider and Access Hollywood? It’s likely you refer to her as the ‘pimp of Basketball Wives’

Her reputation – yes it’s worth repeating:
According to Kirsten of Clutch magazine, Shaunie has “consistently throws a rock and hides her hands, while her henchmen do the dirty work. She has never once tried to stop a fight, never once spoken up in earnest for one of the women being bullied. Note that Meeka Claxton was done worse than a dirty dog last season and as long as the ratings kept rolling in, we didn’t hear a peep from Shaunie. She has always instigated from the sidelines while the checks roll in – and people have noticed.”

Her future business ventures:
Shaunie said this best while sitting with her pastor,

“I’m going into business meetings and I’m wondering in the back of my mind what they think of me,” she said. “I wonder if she thinks that I’m like that…that person. The whole time I was thinking I wonder if she thinks I’m a ghetto hot mess.”

If she’s ever watched your show the answer is Yes.

Lastly, her so-called friendships:
Shaunie tried to explain why she appears as Senator Palpatine when she’s really like Yoda,

“People are like ‘Why do you let people say this and that?’ They are grown women but at the same time I will say, ‘You really need to bring that down like 17 notches like I don’t see why you need to come in at 50! You need to come in at like 13. Lets talk it out, let’s use our words’ , but it never ever works! Never works!”

As an executive producer of a program Shaunie has the power – she refuses to you use it. With friends like this…well you know the rest.

On another note, Laura Govan of Basketball Wives LA says we’re all taking this entirely too seriously – it’s just entertainment people!

“It is entertainment; take it for what it is. Go into the urban communities to see what’s going on instead of trying to criticize us – it is what it is. For me it is entertainment. Don’t take it so seriously and literally.”

Clearly Laura doesn’t understand the power of media….sad.

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  1. Dee says:

    You ARE a hot, ghetto mess, SHAUNIE. You had NO problem with them ANNIHILATING Meeka Claxton last year and I distinctly remember the radio interview you did in HOUSTON where you IMPLIED that she essentially got what she deserved from “talking”. Well, NOW that you want to be the next Oprah or something, you CARE what people have to SAY? Obviously, you aren’t as smart as I gave you credit for because your NAME is YOUR BRAND. If the PRODUCT that you present is GHETTO–then people with believe the NAME is GHETT-O. Now, we crying to PASS-AH?? Too little. Too late. You need to come OFF the television and I will NOT support BBW brand NOR anything you put out. Meeka was your FIRST casualty and you did NOTHING to help her. So of COURSE your BULLIES were going to run gunshot AGAIN and do it to the next victims since you IDLY watched them destroy someone ELSE on the show. Quite frankly, you are DISGUSTING. Your “girls” are DISGUSTING and I would rather watch paint dry than help you gain another red cent, you fake, phony, sellout piece of hot, ghetto MESS.

    Your words–not mine.

  2. marie3548 says:


  3. marie3548 says:

    As Dee stated above and so stated the author of the articleShaunie is not fooling any1 she was fully aware of this girls behavior when she brought Tami on the show she had a one on one with the camera and was making all kinds of excuses about her to set us up for acceptance of her this is not strong intelligent behavior this insecure and childish behavior Shaunie is the main culprit in this mess
    Dear Shaunie 1 question y didn’t u speak up and tell Tami to give Kesha’s purse back y didn’t u do the right thing u would’ve want some1 to do this for ur loved one or ur children it would have been ok bcause it was the right thing to do u want to come on here and talk about shopping and clothes and the weather as if nothing happened how can we feel that u r sincere about the upcoming changes for next season if u wont even face the issue we r not talking about watching it as a topic on the reunion ur thinking that will settle it all u must b one empty person if u think everything can b handled in this manner u must address this issue like u want us to continue watching and support ur show u have truly sold ur soul but all the money, expensive clothes and shoes cannot fix ur broken soul if u cannot face the messy environment that u have created it will b business as usual like when she attacked Meeka no one deserves this surely u r not that broken Shaunie invited Meeka purposely knowing they had just had an argument that was a total set up.
    Njoy ur devlish life cause VH1 truly owns ur soul and u 2 r a match made in hell.

  4. marie3548 says:

    Shaunie talking to the pastor is damage control for the cameras u never saw her speaking to a pastor b4 while and when she iz raking in the money she personally brought Tami to the show she knows exactly what she is doing she is sneaky and underhanded and she njoys it all. As they said in the Usual Suspects: The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist=Shaunie making the allmighty dollar The Ringmaster of it all.
    Shaunie the main cuplprit the mother of em all now she iz tryin to get a pass to produce her movie I hope it bombs 2. we r supposed to b so stupid so in love with their lifestyle that we cant c Shaunie’s part n all of this what a coward she should stick it out if ev1 leaves since she created this mess.

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