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6-Year-Old Performer Amazes ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges Singing Jackson 5

Six-year-old Isaac Brown wowed the judges on America’s Got Talent with his performance of The Jackson 5 hit, “I Want You Back.”

Before the music even started one thing was clear about the young boy: he had personality. After calling out Howie and Howard for having names that are too similar, he lifted his arms and said, “Well if that’s what your parents want you to be named, that’s what your parents want you to be named.” The audience erupted in laughter, but the cute funny package came with a load of a talent as well.

He cued the music by pointing at the sound booth before the familiar beat of “I Want You Back” brought loud cheers and applause from the massive live audience. When the adorable child began singing The Jackson 5 tune the cheers in the crowd grew even louder. The young performer wasn’t too shabby. Although Isaac didn’t sound exactly like the iconic performer, who effortlessly belted out the notes at the age of 11, his dance moves and fun personality won over the judges and earned him a trip to Vegas for the next round.

“You’re a superstar,” exclaimed Howie right before Howard added in, “I love you already and I just met you.” After the judges unanimously decided to send Brown to Vegas, he playfully fainted on the stage as the crowd gave him a standing ovation.

Another performer, 20 years older than Brown, relied on a gutsy performance to earn his ticket to Vegas. Spencer Horsman found a way to escape a straight jacket while being dangled upside down by a giant metal claw. The self proclaimed “world’s youngest escape artist” came unto the stage wrapped up in the constricting straight jacket, excited to show America his daring talent.

While the escape artist dangled upside down, the ropes preventing the metal claw from piercing Horsman were set ablaze, giving him less than a minute to escape or face potentially fatal injuries. Horsman struggled to get his arms free from the constraints and escaped mere seconds before the claw came crashing down where he had been dangling. The daring act earned him a flight to Vegas along with the 6-year-old crooner.

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