Beyonce Skips Backstage Photos With Kim Kardashian

Beyonce – Let’s have a little bit of fun – at the expense of Kim Kardashian. Ever since Kim K was spotted on the arms of rapper Kanye West the question arose about a double date with his frequent collaborator Jay-Z and Beyonce. Except anytime Jay, Kanye and Kim were photographed together Bey was mysteriously missing.

Rumors surfaced that the Queen Bey wanted nothing to do with Kim much less be seen in public with her. Granted the 30-year old performer was preparing for her sold out Atlantic City concerts and likely had little time to fraternize with the crew.

On Sunday night, however, Kim traveled to Jersey with bestie Brittny Gastineau to watch Beyonce’s performance and was invited backstage – sounds like the time for the first meeting, right?!

The reality star tweeted,

“Just walked backstage through Beyonces dressing room…no big deal….haha..surreal moment”

Somehow the ‘moment’ and pictures posted on Twitter included backup dancers and band members but no Beyonce. Hmm…Maybe Bey was in the bathroom….

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