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Beyonce Skips Backstage Photos With Kim Kardashian

Beyonce – Let’s have a little bit of fun – at the expense of Kim Kardashian. Ever since Kim K was spotted on the arms of rapper Kanye West the question arose about a double date with his frequent collaborator Jay-Z and Beyonce. Except anytime Jay, Kanye and Kim were photographed together Bey was mysteriously missing.

Rumors surfaced that the Queen Bey wanted nothing to do with Kim much less be seen in public with her. Granted the 30-year old performer was preparing for her sold out Atlantic City concerts and likely had little time to fraternize with the crew.

On Sunday night, however, Kim traveled to Jersey with bestie Brittny Gastineau to watch Beyonce’s performance and was invited backstage – sounds like the time for the first meeting, right?!

The reality star tweeted,

“Just walked backstage through Beyonces dressing room…no big deal….haha..surreal moment”

Somehow the ‘moment’ and pictures posted on Twitter included backup dancers and band members but no Beyonce. Hmm…Maybe Bey was in the bathroom….

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51 thoughts on “Beyonce Skips Backstage Photos With Kim Kardashian

  1. Myra G Nwoye says:

    look at how ugly, stupid and untalented kim k look next to beyonce's dancers…..that's why queen bey skipped taking photo with her….so stupid! I hate kim k!

  2. LaToshia Babi says:

    She doesn't want to be associated wit the kardashians at all…

  3. Tavius Bell says:

    beyoce iz` the real boss lady.

  4. Tomeka Cason says:

    beyonce please I bet she is not all so inocent.

  5. Go Hard says:

    Yeah , Bey is afraid dis girl may take Jay from her…lmao dat BIAATCH kIM is freaky disgusting….

  6. Lori Rollin says:

    lmao…how can a person LOOK untalented?? That's rich coming from a person working at "Big Booty Hoes Strip Club." And you say Kim is UGLY?? Best glance in the mirror…lol. Pot…meet kettle…lol.

  7. I don't blame her bey is a woman of god she shouldn't be seen with the likes of kim k.

  8. All the negative comments r so rude. Kim is doing her thing make here money living her life seems fine to me..what, she had sexwith people and has an attitude sometimes with her own family..hummm id hate to see how some of yall would appear if u had a camera in your Bey is too classy to have such nonsense..i bet her and kim are very cordial they aren't bestfriends what sthe biggie? And being a woman of God, Jenny almonte is not judging or turning the cheek..its opening your heart and doing Godlike things!


  10. Pali Highway says:

    Oh how cute…you created a little make believe story about them. Kim and her family are nothing but social climbing, name dropping groupies who hurt alot of other people to get what they want. You say it seems her life is ok to you? Do some research and the truth will set you free. Guaranteed you will not be defending her after that. Go to BOYCOTTKIM.COM

  11. Pali Highway says:

    Kim told Beyonce that she already slept with him on his Facebook page. Kim is so proud to be a whore.

  12. Pali Highway says:

    Lori Rollin I SEE IT!! I think more people should learn how to see things like this in other people. Why do you think kim is so concerned by her image? It's to cover up the piece of crap (inside & out) that she really is.

  13. Cecie Zavala says:

    Bey is a woman of god? did you not know Beyonce and her husband follow the Mason cult or in other other words they are devilworshipper…OH BTW-Kanye West is also a devilworshipper…wow you are a bunch of ignorants!

  14. Please you guys dont know What goes on behinds beys doors and you guys keep saying shes à woman of god please shes illumanati now she sols her soul à long time ago.

  15. Nasaiah Tanuwa says:

    not hating but you cant show your body like bey does and claim the women of god title but most people dont read it enough to know that so your ignorance is excused but read the scriptures before you presume to know what a man or women of god truly is according to scripture beyonce' is a harlott read it and you will see dont read and you can make up your own belief which i can see you have done cause your a beyonce' fan not a fan of the scriptures which I am you know bey i know script and she is nothing like any good women in the bible

  16. Nasaiah Tanuwa way to assume lol!i am not a fan of beyonce so dont go there.a woman can dress however she wants and to be a woman of god doesnt mean you have to cover every inch of your body and sit in church everyday.everybody has their own beliefs so who are you to point the finger at anyone.sometimes the church goers are worst than the rest of us.another thing honey , beyonce might dress to show off her assets but she doesnt go around making sex tapes then flipping them to make a up your mind a little bit before you go around calling other peoples comments ignorant because thats only showing how ignorant you are.

  17. everyone is entitled to their own opinions.bottom line if somebody wants respect they need to earn it and you dont earn it by making profits off a sex tape.i have nothing against the woman i just dont understand what she really stands for?what are her morals… not a fan of beyonce neither but she does know how to conduct herself as a lady.

  18. Kahin Ali says:

    Eventually she cannot avoid her for ever, kanye love this woman, I wonder how long she gonna avoid her

  19. Tisha Bogan says:

    OKAY!!! I guess you told her ass!

  20. lol i wasnt trying to be rude but i get irritated with people like that always trying to act like they are holier than the rest of us.

  21. How the hell does someone like Beyonce who have such of a impeccably positive character look like hangin with a muhh

  22. How the hell does someone like Beyonce who have such of a impeccably positive character look like hanging out with a dumbass who have a sex tape….. Come on son, it ain't rocket science. Hell, it ain't like she even be around Kanye like that either.

  23. Mary Barnes says:

    Beyonce has class and Kim K is a over priced HO and doesn't hold a candle compared to Beyonce. The whole bunch of Kardashians are nothing but over priced white trash HO's.

  24. Have we all forgotten, that people like who they like, and Bey ain't no different. so what she didn't want to take a stupid picture. Kim, GET OVER IT, don't try to make her look like a bad person. In my Charlie Brown voice…Good Grief!

  25. Jeanette Robbins-Biles says:

    Kim is a ho

  26. Debbie Ellis says:

    Classs NEVER deals with trash! Queen Bey is a God fearing woman who respects her fans and career and has maintained a very clean image! Why trash it up with a famous porn star?

  27. Jenny Couture lol you are funny… do you read the bible any because i'm pretty sure there are guidelines to Godliness that we all have missed, you are correct that everyday church is not required to be Godly, but i'm sorry to say "showing off your assets" in not appropriate either well in the Bey shows them… in dressing…but i doubt that sanctification is high up on either of their lists… but hey, i'm not judging to each their own, the only reason anyone thinks of kim k as a hoe is cause she hs a scarlett letter… how bout you take your own advice and also no assume that one who is expoed is worse than one who is consealed…imo, ijs

  28. I'm so tired of people turning a blind eye to Kim's trashy claim to fame. Kim is a glorified whore, and Ray-J should know. I notice Brandy and Kim aren't close. Perhaps Kim road all the coat tails she needed to, to get where she is today. Kanye is a sell-out sucker. Will never support him again.
    Go Beyonce!
    Leave the trash in the gutter.

  29. Katie Brown says:

    who said anything about innocent (correct spelling). she just don like the bitch. ppl get over it

  30. Katie Brown says:

    Nasaiah Tanuwa Jenny Couture Godly ppl (like you) dont judge. and yes, i read the bible daily.

  31. Katie Brown says:

    Nasaiah Tanuwa Godly ppl dont judge, and yes, i have read and continue to read the bible.

  32. Katie Brown says:

    kanye just playing celeb house. he will get bored with her soon enuf and put her out with the rest of the rotten trash. bitch will never measure up to bey

  33. Euphemia Lewis says:

    Kim K is so overexposed. she prob wants to keep SOME of her life private. Reality TV foolishness is NOT B's claim to fame. Beyonce doesn't pretend to be a celebrity she actually is one, she'd tarnish her rep by hanging with a Z list celebrity like KK.

  34. I agree with everything you saying on your post except im not sure what he sold out on

  35. Kim has a bad reputation. Beyonce's dressing room is a big deal to me. She has awesome outfits and awesome derion bags. Kim your shit aint all that so stfu with your sex tape.

  36. Maria Avalon says:

    First of all the Mason's do not worship the Christian devil you moron. In fact many of our Founding Fathers were Free Masons. Further more Beyonce, Jay Z nor Kanye are devil worshippers. They have said that they are not and you have no proof of your slander other then your bullshit conspiracy theories.

  37. Maria Avalon says:

    Nasaiah Tanuwa first of all there is nothing wrong with being a harlot. The Bible is an evil and sexist tome which says hateful things about women who are proud of and love their sexuality. We have gotten past your Madonna/Whore concept in the Bible and have embraced women for everything about them and that includes their sexuality. Which I must say it is rather hypocrtical for you to harp on whores when many of the so called great men in the Bible kept concubines.

  38. Maria Avalon says:

    The illuminati dosen't exist dumbass. It is something that the uneducated made up to explain why their lives are shit instead of looking inward.

  39. Tam Bee says:

    Dumb-ass Kim k needs to leave actual talent alone and stay in her narcissistic, fame-whore world.

  40. Anonymous says:

    The hell she is, she's a full blown satanists and adnitted she has a demon take her over, just like Kim K, West, C Brown and the rest. Better pay attention to what Michael J was saying before they had him killed. BEY is a straight our Luciferian, just like Madonna, S Collins, Oprah and all Hollywood and rap/hip hop so=called entertainers. You do not get money and fame unless you sell out to Satan because Satan runs the whole show and most of his minions who worship money, fame and Lucifer are Jews. Better listen to Minister Farakhan. Better listen good.

  41. I think she don't (correct spelling), want to lose her fan base….

  42. What woman of God tells you that a demon takes possession of her and calls it by name?

  43. The devil greatest trick is making you think he does not exist. You've be tricked!

  44. A pic of Kim is worth xx amount of money.. A pic of beyonce is worth xxxxxxxx times more. Beyonce knows this. She's not gonna let Kim take pic of her just so she can make money off B. it's that simple

  45. this is soo messed up when not even devil worshipers want you in their club, haha stupid kk you need to find a better hobby or job that does not consist of your too big ass and sex tapes, you are so past your nastiness retire 7 JUST GO AWAY!

  46. Maria Avalon SPEAKING OF DUMB ASS you are at the front of the pack!!!dang!

  47. Monica Chambers says:

    Why are people posting about the maybe's of other people's lives????

  48. Cody Walker says:

    This is dumb, you're all dumb. Stop talking about the bitch, stop watching her stupid show, stop giving a shit, and she'll disappear like the rest.

  49. Bottom line she don't want to be close to that whore!!!

  50. Sheri Monae says:

    real talk!

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