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‘Men in Black 3’ At the Top of the Box Office, Beats ‘The Avengers’

Agents J and K have knocked the world’s greatest heroes out of the top spot in the box office.

Men in Black 3 scored the top spot with $55 million in this weekend’s box office, knocking The Avengers down to second with $37 million. However, the admission prices for movie theaters were lower when the first two Men in Black films came out, so the third one made more money but sold less tickets. The movie also did well internationally with big openings in several countries, including China ($19.5 million) and Russia ($18.9 million).

Men in Black 3 is projected to earn $70 million domestically and $202 million internationally from the Memorial Day weekend.

Despite Men in Black 3 climbing to the top, The Avengers is still a runaway success with $514 million in domestic sales, $781.6 million internationally and another projected $414 million from the holiday weekend. These two movies have been the biggest summer blockbusters so far since Battleship and Dark Shadows both flopped.

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