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Will Smith’s ‘Men in Black 3’ Predicted To Earn $85 million In First Weekend

Will Smith – It used to be, for about a decade, that Will Smith was a sure thing at the box office– especially on holiday weekends. “Independence Day,” plus the first two “Men in Black” movies, set off July 4th fireworks when they were released. As recently as July 4, 2008 Smith had a blockbuster in “Hancock,” which was sort of awful but a smash hit nonetheless.

But times change, so do tastes, and movie stars have to realign themselves. “Men in Black 3,” which opened yesterday in as many theatres as Sony could find, is not getting a lot of great box office prognosis. The low is seen at $75 million for the four day Memorial Day weekend. The high–and this would be very lucky– is at $85 million.

We think Will Smith will do better than that. What do you think?

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