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Fantasia Performs ‘Take Me To The Pilot’ With Joshua Ledet On ‘American Idol’

Fantasia used her powerhouse voice to perform “Take Me To The Pilot” in a duet with Joshua Ledet during the American Idol finale. With their similar gospel-tinged voices, it felt like a natural pairing.

American Idol has been known to bring back its former stars in order to bring down the house for their finale show, but nobody expected to see Fantasia Barrino hit the stage.

Before it was time for Fantasia to perform she had been spotted on the red carpet in a dazzling purple sequin dress that seemed molded onto her curvaceous figure. The American Idol season 3 winner decided to change outfits for the stage, but the audience wasn’t too sure about the new ensemble. Fantasia and Joshua Ledet came together for the gospel performance and even had a choir singing behind them, which made Fantasia’s black jump suit seem all the more inappropriate for the performance. The jumpsuit hugged her body and even featured two sheer splits all the way up both of her thighs—an outfit that seemed a little more fitted for Rihanna’s performance.

Vocally, however, the performance was exactly what is to be expected of the two “take ‘em to church” singers. Every note traveled all the way up to the nosebleed seats as the duo effortlessly belted out the gospel rendition of the Elton John hit. Joshua Ledet made it to the top three in this season of American Idol and reminded the viewers what got him that far. He was able to effortlessly hold his own next to the Idol winner, belting out his own powerful notes during the first verse of the song.

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