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Willow Smith Shows Off Her Unique Style at Cannes

As Willow Smith left her hotel on Tuesday at Cannes, she made it clear that she wasn’t ashamed to show off her unique 11-year-old style.

The budding pop star emerged in spike studded denim shorts along with a pair of spike studded purple loafers. The outfit would certainly look too dangerous if it wasn’t for the innocent Hello Kitty shirt that Willow covered up with a black shawl. After adding leatherette leggings and colorful socks pulled up past her ankles, the young starlet had achieved a signature look.

Cameras snapped frantically as Willow stuck her tongue out playfully as she headed towards the car that was waiting for her. She has stayed true to the new low cut that she began sporting back in February. After going through an array of colors such as bright green and yellow, she seems to be sticking with the new red do.

The mother of the young star, Jada Pinkett Smith, admitted that she wasn’t crazy about Willow cutting off her hair at first until her daughter explained her reason why. Willow told her mother that she didn’t want to be held back by her hair anymore. Young Willow felt as if going swimming in the pool wasn’t as enjoyable when she had her hair to deal with.

The Smith daughter had just attended the Cannes Film Festival, where her stunning 43-year-old mother was busy promoting Madagascar 3. Jada plays the voice of the feisty hippopotamus named Gloria in the latest sequel of the animated film. Her father, Will Smith, couldn’t be present at the festival since he was miles away in Moscow at the premiere of his own new film, Men In Black 3.

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