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Tesla Motors to Deliver New Sedan Earlier Than Expected

Tired of emptying your wallet at the pump? Well, Tesla Motors may have the vehicle you need. Tesla Motors announced Tuesday it would start delivering its Model S electric sedan to customers on June 22, one month earlier than originally projected.

Tesla’s co-founder, CEO, and chief product architect Elon Musk spoke on the importance of the sedan in a statement.

“In 2006 our plan was to build an electric sports car followed by an affordable electric sedan, and reduce our dependence on oil. Delivering Model S is a key part of that plan and represents Tesla’s transition to mass-production automaker and the most compelling car company of the 21st century.”

Tesla looked to design a sedan that would appeal to a broader consumer base, and the new Model S does that and then some.

With no internal combustion engine and transmission tunnel there was plenty of space remaining within the car’s frame, and Tesla’s designers put it to good use. The sedan seats five adults with two rear-facing seats available for children. Other amenities include additional trunk space under the hood along with a 17-inch in-dash touch-screen console with GPS, streaming radio and Internet access.

All these things aside, the feature that has Tesla most excited is what the company calls the “most energy-dense battery pack in the industry and best-in-class aerodynamics.” The new S Model will be able to travel around 300 miles on a single charge.

The sedan starts at $50,000, and is currently only available through Tesla’s company website.

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