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Olympian Struggles With Remaining A Virgin

Lolo Jones fights off temptations.

Track star Lolo Jones has handled stiff competition in her athletic career and even a rough upbringing that included living for a time at a Salvation Army. But this sex thing. . . well, it has been more challenging than sprinting around a wet track.

On Tuesday night on HBO’s “Real Sports”  Jones talked about her life as an athlete and a woman, including her struggles to remain a virgin.

“It’s just something, a gift that I want to give to my husband,” Jones said. “But please, understand, this journey has been hard.

“If there (are) virgins out there, I’m going to let them know, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life — harder than training for the Olympics, harder than graduating from college, has been to stay a virgin before marriage.”

She said she does not have a prospective husband; does not have a mate, in fact. But it is not from lack of trying. Jones said she has experimented with  online dating services and uses social media tool Twitter in an effort to find a prospective boyfriend.

She might have turned away men when she announced to her thousands of followers on Twitter that she had not had sex.

“I’ve been tempted,” Jones said in the HBO piece. “I’ve had guys tell me, ‘You know, if you have sex, it will help you run faster.’ ”

Jones led the gold-medal final of the women’s 100-meter hurdles at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing before hitting the second-to-last hurdle and finishing seventh. She handled the devastating defeat with aplomb and was admired by fans.

Next month, Jones will make a bid to return to the Olympics during the trials in Eugene, Ore. Qualifiers will compete in London this summer.

What people are saying

78 thoughts on “Olympian Struggles With Remaining A Virgin

  1. Love this. I feel like I want to write this girl a ntoe. Maybe I'll have to figure out how to twitter, lol!

  2. What's the fucking mystery. If she's struggling. SOMEONE. Stupid cunt. "Oh I'm a virgin." Good for you. I don't care you live a boring as fuck life style. "It's Hard being a virgin." That's how she makes things. Harder then they have to be. If she's just open her mind and find a nice guy she doesn't want keep and just keep him around to satisfy her needs maybe things won't be so difficult. What if that dude turns out to be her perfect match and the end up staying together. NO ONE THINKS OF THIS . It's honestly. A stupid idea to not have sex before you're married. Does anyone buy a car before test driving it? Seriously Use your heads people. They're there for more then just a paper weight.

  3. Charles Hill says:

    Amazing story. Thank you for taking a stand!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Did you finish high school? Wait… (looks at RAZ's pic) Gang Bangers do not consider an education "kewl". My bad home boy!

  5. Scott Toan says:

    How narrow minded of you.

  6. Dominique Ali says:

    Congrats and take bow. I so admire your position. I must say I wish I had of done the same before I met my wife. No matter what this world says…You are doing the right thing. Peace be upon you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    who cares

  8. It is a shame that people connect morality with sexuality. What an unhealthy and harmful attitude it really is. Sex is a biological imperative and there is nothing wrong with having it. It is not a "gift", it is not a "thing" that can be quantified. It is an act that has absolutely no impact on a womans value as a person. She is just as moral, just as honest, just as loving, just as loyal, just as caring as anyone who has had sex before marriage. It has no impact on you as a person, except for missing out on your sexual peak and not being very good at it. 😉

  9. Peter Elmenhoff says:

    Could you explain this to my wife ,as you are a better wordsmith than I. " trust me honey in the ass is a biological imperative " .

  10. Paul Chenery says:

    Don't feed the troll.

  11. Ramious….you're depth of humanity is astoundingly shallow, yet unsurprising. It doesn't seem to me that you are married. If you were, and you really had an understanding of complexities of a celebrated marriage, you wouldn't speak as you have done above. I'll only start with one point: Women are not to be seen as something to be f**cked. Most of the truly class, dignified women want a man who will "protect" them, honor them, romance them, lay down their live's for them, respect them, and stay with them to the end. Oh, and most of these women want "hot" sex in the context of their marriage and after the wedding. You are equating having sex with a woman before marriage to the test driving of a car?!? You have no idea what you are saying. You don't know how to have a true relationship with a woman. Your "little head" is getting in the way of your big head. All I can say is that my daughter would never get near you.

  12. Oh, sorry, forgot to say this. Married here, 30 years. Waited until after marriage to have sex. "Hot" sex to this day. ….Oh yes. Just watch how many women read this and agree. Far more than not.

  13. John V LaMacchia BlahBlahBlindSheep Have you any wool? That's all I gottah ask. Puppets to the propaganda. Lol. Now. If I was a woman saying this. What would you have said then? Just curious. And my head is fucking Gigantic with my massive brain. 😉

  14. "If I was a woman saying this."… not a complete sentence. Put a comma after "this".

  15. God bless you.Ignore the comments from the vulgar people here with no moral compass.

  16. Put a shirt on you scrawny little crack addict. Did you just get out of a damn death camp?

  17. It’s one thing to just so happen to be a virgin out of lack of opportunity or desire, but it sounds like she might be heading toward settling down with a sociopath who's main concern is the "gift" of deflowering.

  18. Robert Dole says:

    The lot of you are fucking tools. I agree with Alex 100% of the way. Most of those ignorant enough to worry about something trivial as your intact virginity are the same stupid enough to seriously contemplate religion or maintain moral/ethical "compasses". You die, you go in a hole in the ground. Screw you and your marraige. Y'all ain't gonna feel each other's love when you stop breathin'. Test drive them cars, Alex!

  19. Smitty Smitts says:

    She wouldn't be a virgin if she lived with me.

  20. Kevin McAuley says:

    So the fact that she wants to keep sex within marriage you are .. against? If you don't want to go ahead, but she wants to follow her faith and keep marriage as something for marriage. What is wrong with keeping intimacy to a lifelong committed relationship? There is nothing moral about sleeping around.

  21. Kevin McAuley says:

    How do you figure that? She has likey had more than enough offers. She wants to save intimacy for marriage. Y'know not that long ago that was the norm and being a slut was what was strange.

  22. Kevin McAuley says:

    You seem very angry about someone not selling out on their morality. Is it because you can't find any women that don't charge you to sleep with and so you feel the need to degrade anyone that takes sex seriously? Your mother must be so proud of how respectful and decent her son has become.

  23. Gregory Bowman says:

    Very proud of you Lolo! You are making the right decision and don't let anyone dissuade you from it. What other's are saying is a sad commentary of the immoral condition that the world is presently in. Very sad indeed. Warm regards…Gregory Bowman.

  24. Dale McGill says:

    It's honorable, in a way, but I would worry about the creepy perverts who would value her special gift.

  25. Why is this news? It's about as relevant to the world as an Olympian deciding they like chunky peanut butter more than smooth?

    There isn't anything wrong with celibacy until marriage. There are positive and negative consequences of both options. The problem is people who wait for marriage and then tell everyone else how hard it is like they've actually accomplished something or the people pretending that having X different partners before marriage is an accomplishment.

    Sex with a condom and no sex are identical as far as the world at large is concerned. Neither spreads any significant diseases nor produces a higher population. No matter which one you choose, there are 7 billion other people who just don't care. Pick one and just leave the rest of the world out of your bedroom.

  26. Ty Newton says:

    what a little crackhead dipshit lol

  27. and you think that a woman who has sex with her boyfriend before marriage is a slut?

  28. Kevin McAuley says:

    I think that women that bed hop and put as much value on the intimacy of sexual relationship as they do with their lip gloss are sluts yes. Benjamin was implying the only reason to be a virgin was opportunity. The fact that among young women around Lolo's age are often engaging in 'hook ups' where there is no relationship, it is just entertainment, is a sign of sluttiness – absolutely.

    This woman chose to show other young women you can save yourself for marriage and there is nothing wrong with that. Her detractors are the ones with issues.

  29. Dan Maloy says:

    Jason Burgoyne –

    If you believe that load of crap you are saying, you are in for a very, very painful journal in mortality.

    Till we meet again….

  30. My point is she might be hedging towards creepy dudes who actually care about getting to deflower a virgin. I said it's one thing if she's terribly unattractive or has no libido, in which case she has no alternative. But if neither is the case, all this effort to abstain isn't necessarily going to result in a better partner in the long run.

    And you clearly are uninformed about women, Kevin, if you think it's ever just "entertainment" for the fairer sex. That's frankly insulting to sexually active, unmarried women. Sex in the City? Sitcoms? Total B.S. Written for — you guessed it — entertainment value. And the stuff that's trying to be "deep" and ends up that way: written by fat bald dudes.

    "Slut" was a term invented by some woman mad that some other woman got the man woman #1 was hoping to snag. Now, cattiness and competition? That's legit. Where do you think high heels and Prada come from? Cause us guys care? Nope.

    There is nothing to "save". There is nothing to be "given up". There is no "gift" to be spent or used up. It's just people being people and living. Celebrities that make a show of this sort of thing are trying to set themselves apart. To advertise this extra special "virtue", it's B.S. It stems from the idea of sexuality being some kind of currency and is just as unhealthy as prostitution to treat it that way.

  31. Douglas Charles Face says:

    None of my business, this isn't news.
    What shes does or doesn't do in the bedroom is her own business.

    I admire the fact that she handled her loss in 08 well.

    Next story please.

  32. Matthew Utley says:

    get the fuck out of here, shes a virgin? yeah a born again virgin, the only virgins left are the 12 month olds that haven't been molested by their evil step daddy or priest yet, or Obama.

  33. Xatherin Lizette Gonzalez says:

    lolololol please elaborate on this "painful journal (sic) in morality".

  34. Danielle Aja says:

    So then what do you call the men that do it Are they sluts too, or do you support the double standard that societ has created? Just letting you know, I agree with you, but shouldn't it be the standard for everyone, and not just half of the human race?

  35. What Lolo is a nogo? Ohoh

  36. Paul Fields says:

    wrong. neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals will enter the kingdom of heaven. u ain't got a problem with lolo or a church or my opinion, you've got a problem with God's Word

  37. I like how the reporter used the phrase that she has "handled stiff competition"….

  38. and sorry, a vagina is not a "gift"….

  39. Ruth Rajan says:

    I've never had chunky peanut butter. You have no idea how hard it's been. Day in day out people are always trying to smother me in it, saying it'll make me run faster, that guys prefer girls who eat chunky. But I wasn't raised that way.

  40. Christopher Lairdriver says:

    Procreation is a biological imperative. Sex is the act. Morality and Sexuality will forever be intertwined, and anybody who doesnt think so is an idiot. You dont NEED to have sex. People want to have sex. Your gentials will not fall off or rot if you dont have sex, you will not go insane if you dont have sex. This Woman is an Olympic athlete and she has not had sex. Millions of people around the World stay virgiins before marriage because of Religious reasons. So yes, there is morality left in this World when it comes to needs and wants.

  41. Demond Morris says:

    Trust with today's man stay a virgin. You never know what ur gonna get and I mean man or STDs.

  42. David Austin says:

    Thptpt … you're just sore because she'd never let you in her bedroom.

  43. David Austin says:

    Virginity isn't a vagina … and fyi … a gift isn't taken … it's given, but then you've probably never received that kind of gift that way have you? Sore loser.

  44. David Austin says:

    … said the man who took time out to pretend that he didn't care.

  45. David Austin says:

    Jason – Anything can be a gift, and now you're a sorry looser that you've made sex into what it is for you. Try as you may you'll only ruin it for those stupid enough to look up to someone like you for advice.

  46. David Austin says:

    Ramious – a bit of advice made just for you: better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  47. Just from your mother……

  48. and take good care of my kid there….

  49. Douglas Charles Face says:

    Boredom and caring are 2 different things

  50. Graham Smith says:

    I don't give a bitch shit but hard dick and liquor.

  51. Meg Williams says:

    Can you not pay more attention to your vocab ulary? What a loser you are!

  52. Do what makes you happy, as long as you don't infringe on the rights of others. So Lolo is a virgin, good for her. She should wait until she has what she wants, it's not like men are going to go extinct anytime soon.

  53. I wish i'd had the willpower to remain a virgin but sex is like chocolate to me and I'll be damned if I'm resisting chocolate. 😉


  55. Kathy Clayton says:

    Osi, and how do you know that a lot of muslim girls are virgins. You know about the operations don't you. You are funny Osi. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.


  57. Jake Goldstein says:

    hah this story makes me laugh. And what a weird comment from Ali. Of course. Do you think she is going to respond to you or something? lol. weird.

  58. Peter Ernest says:

    Pls jones don't lose it, bcos there's a beauty about it.U'll be fulfilled and happy when u achieve that aim and finally give it to your husband.Pls don't give up the struggle.

  59. Anonymous says:

    anyone know which online dating site she uses? she'll change her mind once I send her my picture shirt off facing my bathroom mirror from my ipod touch… yea baby

  60. Lola, you lost. You worked damn hard and stuff happened and you did not win a medal. It sucks, but I think you are just trying to find new ways to keep in the public eye. I see NOTHING admirable about remaining a virgin. Its your choice and its damn sexist actually and frankly I or the rest of the world do NOT need to know or really care. Other than that I wish you well.

  61. That is unnatural.

  62. ^you are just sick

  63. Yze Guy says:

    Pure ignorance Jason. Women generally peak later, so given that & her great physical condition, she'll be fine for many years in that area. You also sound like a pervert, since you're upset about a woman saving herself for marriage. I actually wish that I did.

  64. Arr Cook says:


  65. Yze Guy says:

    Neither. LOL. My football love is restricted to the Giants.

  66. Steve Rieske says:

    Jason Burgoyne should be subpeonaed by every rapist in the country.
    "It is an act that has absolutely no impact on a womans value as a person…"
    Therefore, nothing REALLY happens in rape, right?


  67. Steve Rieske says:

    Furthermore, sex is "a biological IMPERATIVE"?
    Really? It's not optional?
    Jason's sanctimonious sexual philosophy is not only ridiculous, it's bankrupt.

  68. Steve Rieske says:

    Or does sex magically become something when it is non-consentual?

  69. Erik DC Murray says:

    You are an idiot!

  70. Erik DC Murray says:

    Dang she is fine!

  71. Rudy Joseph says:

    Not really anybody's business.

  72. Ak Dan Akinduro says:

    Lets get a few things straight…morality does play an important role in sexuality. Think about the generation we live in with 16 years getting pregnant at such a young age with the guy not wanting anything to do with her after that happens. Finding a women these days that is a virgin is a rarity. People don't hold virginity as a sacred thing anymore, because we feel as though everyone is else is doing it so its ok. If society roles and views were flipped we would think the opposite. When you have sex with someone whether its intimate or not, you lose a bit of yourself to that person, you can disagree but most people remember their first encounter with sex. The fact that she has remain a virgin shows alot about her character. It takes alot more to not succumb to society views of the need to have sex or she is missing out. It never surprises me to consistently hear majority of males are the criticizers of virginity. If a male or female is a virgin our first preconsumption is that he/she must not be normal or your missing out on the best thing ever. I'm not saying sex is a bad thing, I just hate when people feel as though their point of view is the most logical and tries to trickle it down to others. I have alot of respect for wanting to save herself for her husband, it will mean that much more when its held to that regard. Last I checked when someone TRULY (keyword) LOVE you for who you are, they don't care about about not being good at sex, they care about the character of that person!

  73. Cal Tecke says:

    she probably alienates a lot of men by making every thought of hers a public therapy session.

  74. Keep yr standards high LJ – Do U – don't let anyone tell u what u should be doing or not doing – anyone can have aimless sex – it's all over the TV, Movies and our music – u'll be Blessed for yr high standards & morals. God sees everything! It is a gift u want to give to yr husband – I say "Go Girl!" Some of these other less than hoochies should try it (even though it's too late).

  75. Joe Kelsall says:

    Stop struggling!

  76. Keith Ponder says:

    Jason Burgoyne it's her choice to make if she wants to call it a gift and it's not for you or anyone else,for that matter, to decide when someone reaches their sexual peak. What man, including you, wants to marry a whore? Not that a whore is any less a person, but often times women carry a ton of baggage from an abundance of sexual activity before reaching their emotional maturity. If there's really no right or wrong, why not just live and let live.

  77. Keith Ponder says:

    Brandon Rinebold, this is not about what the world at large is concerned about or about the 7 billion other people who just don't care.Have you ask the 7 billion other people on the planet how they felt about it. I'm sure that quite a few of them may have regrets after realizing that their sexual really didn't give a crap about them, they just wanted a piece of a$$. This is her personal choice of how she wants to live her live.

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