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Kanye and Jay-Z Move the London Crowd

While the tabloid media spent far too much time following him and new girlfriend Kim Kardashian around London, rapper Kanye West made it clear why he has been hanging out in the U.K., taking the O2 arena stage last night with compatriot Jay-Z to kick off their Watch the Throne tour.

The duo didn’t use overwhelming spectacle to keep the enthused crowd enthralled—aside from some pyrotechnics and rising platforms the night was mainly a showcase for the two rap giants and their endless catalogue of monster hits, together and apart.

They used giant video screens in the background, showing footage ranging from wild animals to a child in a KKK robe, as they performed some of their latest du work, such as “Otis,” “Who Gon’ Stop” and ” The Illest M*********** Alive.

After four more nights at O2, the tour will next hit Manchester and Birmingham.

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