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Terrell Owens Goes From Bad To Worse: Owes $1.47 Million on Condo

Things just keep getting worse for former NFL wideout Terrell Owens. According to TMZ, the former NFL star allegedly owes $1.47 million on a Miami beach condo and the bank is ready to take the property from Owens.

Owens claims the bank does not have the legal right to foreclose on the property, and wouldn’t admit to the existence of an outstanding balance. According to mortgage documents connected with the lawsuit, Owens took out a loan worth $1.55 million in 2006 that he hasn’t made a payment on in 6 months.

Just last week, T.O. made a painful appearance on “Dr. Phil,” during which he was confronted by three of the four women with whom he has children, claiming that he owes them money and doesn’t spend any time with their kids. Owens started crying and talked about his own painful childhood without his dad—which was broadcast to the public over the last couple of years via T.O.’s own painful realty show.

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