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Usain Bolt Joins Ludacris for SOUL Headphones

He’s not a musician, producer or rapper, but Usain Bolt is a bonafied pop cultural icon and in this capacity has been tapped by SOUL Electronics to join rapper/actor Ludacris in reppin’ their fashionable headphone line.

According to the company’s press release, “Soul Electronics and the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, have announced a branding partnership. The track and field star will be representing the SOUL brand during various events throughout the year and will be a development partner for his own special edition headphones, scheduled to hit the market this summer.

“Bolt’s accomplishments as a three-time Olympic gold medalist showcase what a driven and exceptional person can do when they are motivated and striving for greatness,” commented Len Davi, Executive Director of SOUL Electronics. “He’s a perfect representation of what SOUL stands for, and an ideal Brand Ambassador.”

Usain Bolt noted, “I work hard at attaining my goals and in addition, I always try to inspire others to work hard and attain their dreams. I am looking forward to working with SOUL to deliver this message.”

In addition to public appearances, the star athlete will be featured in the company’s upcoming “SOUL of Greatness” video series, which is being developed to inspire people worldwide to aim for greatness and achieve their goals.

SOUL headphone models currently under development with Bolt include a Bluetooth earbud with removable ear safety-hooks for added stability (perfect for an athletic lifestyle) called the RUN FREE and a version of the company’s popular SL300 that pays a stylish homage to the athlete’s home, Jamaica.

Not sure how many celebs can milk this headphone hustle, but can’t be mad at Usain for sprinting to get his while it’s hot.

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