Voletta Wallace Remembers Biggie on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can bring out the sweetheart in even the toughest of characters, but in an interview with GlobalGrind.com, Voletta Wallace, the mother of the Notorious BIG, explained that the past king of East Coast hip-hop treated every day as Mother’s Day when it came to his mama. The Wallaces were Jevohah’s Witnesses, and as such don’t celebrate any holidays. Ms. Wallace would tell her son growing up “every day is Mother’s Day to me.”

When young Christopher Wallace grew up and emerged as rapper Biggie Smalls, he took the message to heart. Ms. Wallace recalled a Mother’s Day when her son had a bouquet of flowers delivered to her door. “You don’t celebrate Mother’s Day, but I do,” he told her. Ms. Wallace chose to accept them, but was soon greeted with a box of chocolates and a bottle of champagne, another Mother’s Day gift. Mother’s Day came and went, but the next day she received yet another bouquet of flowers. When Ms. Wallace called Biggie to ask about the newest bouquet he told her, “You always told me everyday is Mother’s Day to you, so I’m celebrating it.”

The legendary hip-hop artist, who was killed in 1997, continued the gesture, sending his mother presents throughout the year, and always letting her know it was Mother’s Day.

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